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My favorite new feature in Android 4.1 (aka Jelly Bean) is Google Now and its integrated voice searching capabilities. Its ability to present knowledge cards for natural language queries is quite impressive even in its first iteration. And its ability to guess what you're interested in (like the commute time home) feels practically telepathic.

I've been testing Google Now and Android voice searches for a long time, but I was blown away by some of the examples presented in this fan video. Enjoy!
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It does it all off-line, too, right? That's what would really make it a Siri-killer
off-line?  do people do things off-line?
LOL some part of the world, there isn't much choice
Yesterday Google Now alerted me unprompted that I had to depart early due to traffic to pick a traveler up on time from the airport, based on my current location. A few minutes later I was presented with a card listing the traveler's current flight progress and expected arrival time and gate. Brilliant! A bit creepy, but utterly brilliant.
Siri like information is not really that useful.  "What is the weather tomorrow?" and "When is Amazing Spiderman showing?" are questions that are current.. and not static.
Too bad the Google can't keep updating ICS or Gingerbread with these app capabilities.   :(     Most people can't buy new phones/tablets every 6 months.    Just saying.
That's a nice test question +Scott Galinac. I just gave it a try and was presented with local movie times for Spider-Man. :-)
Pretty sure I'll have my hands on a Nexus 7 tablet before the week is through. 
+Trey Collier new toys every six months is not "new" to the tech industry.  It's only more common now that "Geekware" is on everyone's wish list.  
+Scott Galinac I'm sure that's the case for us Geeks and Nerds.    Just thinking of the mainstream where they "Wait" for their 2 year contract is up before they even consider upgrading their phones.      I'm a long time Nerd myself and I just got my ICS tablet last month.    Now I'm behind again.   LOL  
Still not sold on a 7" tab... need to hold and play with it first.  But.. Google is telling me it's the perfect size. :-)
It's a pretty good price point for an entry-level pad. I still haven't gotten one, not even an iPad.
I'm more of a 10-inch tablet fan myself +Scott Galinac so I do recommend checking out the 7-inch form factor if you're not sure. There are already a few 7-inch tablets on the market that should give you a decent idea of size and weight. I will say that for the 7-inch genre I think the Nexus 7 is the nicest I've worked with -- it just feels more solid in the hand, the rubberized back is the perfect level of "grippy" without feeling to much like a toy, and the hardware specs are very good.
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