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I know a lot of Instagram fans have been waiting for this app to finally release on Android, and it's finally here. I don't happen to be one of those folks who was waiting but I'd like to understand more.

If you're an Instagram-er, chime in and discuss what you love about the service and how you look forward to enjoying the app.
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Brand new to it. Just downloaded the app about 5 minutes ago. I'm in here to find new people to follow.
this app is nice! can see lots of great pictures there. btw, mind to follow me (ongchihang)???
I think +Sean Bonner put it best when he blogged about the app's potential beyond just being a camera app. He considers it social networking on a different level and honestly I agree.
Pretty cool don't really see what it does that I can't do with Google+ though, I like how my photos are uploaded automatically to my Google+ account
I very much doubt that services like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. are anything more than temporary fads. They are incredible services, no doubt. But I think of them as slightly more serious Games. Certain games become very very popular for awhile (e.g Sims), but then better games come along and people start playing those other games.

Instagram, Pinterest, Sims, World of Warcraft, etc. - These are all entertainment services, and all entertainment eventually gets boring.
+Ilyia Kaushansky people said the same thing about Twitter, social media apps take things to a different level.
+Keith Rea Twitter is slightly different. Twitter is more than entertainment. Twitter is a channel of diverse set of news and observations. It's hard to get bored with that sort of stuff.

Entertainment services are different. Do you honestly believe that 5 years from you will still get as much value from Instagram as you do right now ? It is far more likely that 5 years from you'll be spending time on some other form of entertainment that hasn't yet been invented. I can totally see Twitter still being very popular though.
+Ilyia Kaushansky yet when twitter started out (I know I was there) it was little more then people posting what they just had for dinner and other nonsense.. it took a couple years before it took off and became a social hub of news, entertainment, insight and what-not. Instagram has the same potential power to transform, pictures speak very loudly. Two years in and its still growing. I highly doubt it is going to go anywhere, mobile device cameras have simply exploded in features, its nothing to see 8mp cameras on devices today and with apps like Instagram and Vignette the vast array of uses have exploded as well, its no wonder G+ went through so much trouble to get photo albums incorporated into both the web site and the mobile applications.

But with anything tech related, it could be gone tomorrow.. I guess we will have to wait and see.
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