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A new version of Android has been released!

(In statue form.) :-D

This metallic Android statue was recently mounted on one of the buildings near the center of Google's Mountain View, CA campus. For those of you who know the campus well, it's on Building 45 (the building across the street from B44, which is known for all of the Android dessert statues).

Photo taken on a Galaxy Nexus and edited with Snapseed for Android.

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Nice picture for a Gnex! This device is really amazing! 
Funny thing, a new version of G+ for Android has been released as well ^^
Poor guy.. he must get hot! Auch!
When will my Galaxy S III be upgraded to this?
A Chrome Android?  Foreshadowing much?  ;-)
Above the fold tease. :-) 
As with any other sort of upgrade +Eivind Husby, you'll have to check with Samsung about their schedule to upgrade your S3 to shiny aluminum. :-)
+Paul Wilcox Most excellent. I would ask my carrier too, but I work for them, so then I would just create more work for myself.
+Phillip Malone Ha! At the rate stuff in this neighborhood gets converted into Ingress portals I wouldn't be surprised. Let me check... nope it's not a portal -- yet.
Just found out about +Ingress from +Jake Weisz on Monday, hopefully I'll get an invite and check it out, sounds like fun.
I'm not yet convinced it's a new version of Android. Why would they put the statue across the street on a separate building when they had been putting them on the ground? Could represent a separate project related to but not encompassing the entirety of Android.

+Paul Wilcox are you part of the Android project?
+Patrick Bui I work for Google as Android's Community Manager. I'm not a coder, I'm a user-facing person who talks to people about Android stuff and shares their feedback with the product team. To be clear, this post is a little tongue-in-cheek and is not meant to be a sneaky announcement of a new version of Android. It is, however, an announcement of a new statue. :-)
Kettle corn would make much more sense and I really really like that but I see no corn and I think those kettles are darker

Thanks for clearing that up for me, +Paul Wilcox 
Shiney. Its probably their new experimental WiFi antennae
I love that everybody thinks Google is sending out subliminal messages in everything they do. :)
OK all you people with good spelling-fu, I've corrected the original post. You'd think I'd remember that grade-school mnemonic "One desert is enough, two desserts are delicious!"
They usually have something in store when they do this. I think its chrome. 
Where does the coffee come out?
Good bye android hello chromium???? Say it aint so...
Too bad nobody can look at it until the carriers decorate it.
Google didn't install a new status for nothing. This mean something, it always has. Merge of ChroneOS with Android? 
This Android makes my day.
The folks in Mountain View finally have a mascot to be proud of. This one looks very Polished!! Pardon the word pun. 
Very very impressive picture and statue! Wonder what could possibly be the purpose other than to look nice...
It could possibly be for Google Chrome.... 
Chroid? Androme?
I got it: 'We're NOT Win8!'
Wonder how many androids it took to put that up...
This reminds me of the shark on the roof.
This is really cool. Maybe I should get one to stick out my bedroom window....
looks like it's saying "my house....nobody touches my house!>:{"
Chrome/Android ... A hybrid Chrome Book/Android Tablet... In my dreams
What's the version number?

Are they finally turning Android into a runtime to be used on Chrome OS for a cross-platform use of mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop purposes?
Android has been naked for a while and now its time for chroming tanned!! :)
wow that is amasing
Wow, it would be great to hear., Waiting it in new IO.
Can it b my phone's wallpaper. It is cool.
T he silver surfer Venice??Binocular bld.welcrome!?
this is so cool and cute. I think the android is so cute
Will it go all the way out when released?
+nina coba Yes that Google God is supreme and his son Android, or Droidy as some call him affectionately, watch over us all. Praise Him!
Chrome for Android seems sorta obvious

Id love to have one as my kitchen bin lol
They should make mini figures with different colors.
Only problem!!! Still an Android!!! 
Still Galaxy's behind iPhone!! Better luck next time Droid!!
Alan Ng
Jeje super.. kool.. 
Aha. You got me. I totally saw the first line of your post and flipped out in excitement. 
If they can put android runing on windows it would look good on a chromebook. Wonder when they start shipping to Canada Eh;)
the android guy is starting to scare me
should have painted the android green
Guys think of those pogo pins starting from galaxy can be chrome os on top of android! Thanks for the tip
Chris Holt!! My IPhone is better in every way, but for screen size!! You can have that!!
Motorola Nexus Titanium? I should trademark it just in case. Or copyright. Can never remember the difference. 
Google should sue Apple for making the iPhone 5 look like an ice cream sandwich
I can see the trend here... next is gold. Titanium and uranium edition, best is yet to come. 
Lolz, I always thought we should place something there
Joe V
What is it called this time H????
All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.  You have no chance to survive make your time. Ha Ha Ha Ha
Like the chrome. He must really dtands out. Great pic!
Android in modern technology.
IPhone running android? Just to troll Apple?
Anyone consider "Kettle Corn"? It's derived from a cernal.
.hey paul leh me knw once it is available to upgrade my SIII
You kinda stunned me there for a second with that title!
Like others I would say it means the merging of Chrome OS and Android, or it is just celebrating a new version of Chrome on Android.
I'm on Verizon. Maybe I'll see the update in July or August that is if the trend continues for them. 
Which is d latest version ? Is there any version above jelly bean now ?
very funny. shining my eyes. ..
What, no laser eyes? C'mon Google - it should be able to blast evil doers on command!
he looks like a bullet
When will my HTC DNA have this awesomeness??

Finally. One that looks like a real garbage can.
It's not the matter of upgrade it whether they will improve the device into which the capability will expand into beyond your imagination. 
Amazing and excited to see what's on the way
Ken D..
should be cameras and a lasers (non lethal. maybe :) in the eyes. when it recognizes the apple logo pattern, it aims and fires the lasers.
When it will be official!
that'd be creepy to see every time I go into work each day, I would feel there ware 2 cameras in the eyes(which they probably do have) Which makes it even creepier
Honestly, green Android is a better design bc its more memorable and it doesn't blind you from the sun's reflection. This one looks like the tin man. Not a fan.
That doesn't look like key lime pie at all lol
I think it's for the new HP Chromebook.
Badass! Coolest office building in the valley.
Pretty cool.  I get to work in an office with no windows and no view anyways if there were.
Morning, I am in S.A.. when is it going to be applicable in S.A? What more benefit will it have for us users?
Yeah I like the statue it looks cool. Hopefully we will hear more about it soon. 
How i wish i could get to that location xc
Hey friends I m new on this so I need help hw to use
+1 #2013 !!
But awesome! Cant wait to read more about it
Still cant believe that this was taken with a Nexus lol
Could you make the android updated available for all users as soon as they're ready, like Apple does, because I know that an update is available for my phone yet it isn't in my country, so could you fix that little problem as soon as possible

This would have been in colour, which would have enhance the look.
Georgi vitanov, it doesn't work that way...
What its called?
Plz mention the name of Android version and features.
Cool, too bad 90% of android devices will never see it, and the other 9% will get it once its irrelevant... But for the 1% who do, enjoy! (Sent from my iPhone 5)
Which version and whats new.....


Not Android!
Apple is the ultimate company!!!!!!!!!
Interesting. Who drives the bus? The toy makers, or the toy software makers? 
That's not chrome, it's stainless steel! No rust and polishes right back to the original shine...
So then we need a new google play guys.!
I would like an ice cream sandwish with jellybean sprinkles and keremal topping man that's making me hungery I can eat an android like a terrobite .
android Is very good. It has very nice feature
I can't get Google music updates.. 
Money wasted. They should have spent the money on hiring new employees to help our economy, create a few more jobs, and hire employees that can help make android products better for their users. I can't stand it when companies do this shit. Such glutany! Its almost as bad as seeing your boss pull up to work in his Porsche while you are jump starting your Geo metro in the parking lot and your still wondering where your raise is and how you will be able to afford gas to get you to work next week.
+Ryan Brown , I'm pretty sure this purchase of a statue created/maintained a few jobs.
Google Chrome OS/Android Integration? Maybe a Webtop like setup?
It could mean a new beginning for android where they merge chrome os with android 
Probably because chromebooks are out pacing windows PC's in sales. The Droid we see here is offering Microsoft a gesture..... you can probably guess which one. And it's probably also a hint of the future too. 
Chrome Android. It's like a double rainbow!
The break is over guys. This is now installable on our phones. 
Is it for nexus or droid m
But why is it CHROME?!?!?!  Id love to see the Chrome OS/Android Mash Up Tablet in 2013.  (It should be named that too)
That is probably the place where the chrome for android team works.
may be an ICS from Android and Chrome ? :)
Nav Gi
Chrome Android! 
not worried about it bec it will take Verizon 20 yrs to upgrade my S3
This is most likely just an attempt to thwart paparazzi.
Dock your android phone to a display and run chrome OS??? 
Here my guesses: 

1 - Android apps would runs on ChromeOS
2 - Chrome team and Android team join force, now located in building 1585.

Google must laugh with all these speculation going around. they sure know how to tease us...
Hi Paul I just think you're gorgeous I hope you're really not married or taken already, such a handsome guy you are, would you like to Google around?:-) just let me know.:-) 
bahaha wtf^^^^^? this aint e-harmony chick. >_<
may be it means, android would no longer be dependent on carriers for update, just like chrome.
Apple fans would call it "new version". Its nothing more than a patch in the world of Android
First Jellybeans, now Android version "TrashCan"
Chrome as a new OS for computer, i mean PC, i think you get the idea!! 
Android as a Desktop OS! OH YEAHH bye Windows!
Chromium Android??? Let's wait..... ;)
This would actually make the Chromebook Pixel make sense.
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