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Paul Wilcox

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Happy birthday to the company I work for! Wow, I can't believe you're old enough to vote or be drafted. ☺️

It's hard to believe I've been there for 12 of those 18. It's not quite as long as my last career but it's still a long time!
Happy birthday to us! Google turns 18 today. #GoogleDoodle 
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Wow. Happy birthday too 😂
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Paul Wilcox

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I finally finished editing and annotating my photos from San Diego Comic-Con 2016.
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Paul Wilcox

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Hey Nexus users in the US, UK, Mexico, and Nordic countries -- hot on the heals of the Nougat rollout we've got another (non-desert-related) treat for you! We've just started rolling out Wi-Fi Assistant (which Project Fi customers already have) which will help you automatically create a secure connection through open W-Fi routers.

You'll know when you get the new functionality when Google Connectivity Services gets updated on your phone or tablet. Then the next time your Wi-Fi is on while you're in range of an open network, you'll get a notification to help you set this up.

The Nexus Help Center has a nice write-up on Wi-Fi Assistant including how to turn it on/off or troubleshoot issues with it:
Keep your connection speed high and your data bill low with Wi-Fi Assistant, a feature that allows you to automatically and securely connect to more than a million, free open Wi-Fi hotspots. Originally a Project Fi exclusive feature, we are now expanding Wi-Fi Assistant to all Nexus users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Nordic countries. This will roll out to users over the next few weeks. Learn more:
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+Paul Wilcox Bummer!
However, thanks for your answers!
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Paul Wilcox

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Last night's concert fun was +The Piano Guys​. Great music, fun humor. If you haven't seen any of their YouTube videos you should go check them out. 
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I bet this was a fantastic show to see. Their talent has no limits.
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Paul Wilcox

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The final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2016 also did not disappoint. We started out in fabled Hall H for the Sherlock panel featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. We then enjoyed Cartoon Voices, one of the hidden gems of Comic-Con, where they semi-improved the story of Rapunzel and we laughed our heads off. And we closed off with John Barrowman who treated us to both his Zap Brannigan cosplay and a hilariously entertaining session of songs and stories from his career.

We capped off our trip by seeing Star Trek Beyond. I loved it! Sure, I have quibbles, but it was much better than Into Darkness and had tons of nice bits and nods. It was great to see the reboot crew finally get out on the frontier.

Thanks again San Diego and we'll see you next year!

#SDCC #SDCC2016 
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Paul Wilcox

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Mostly panels at Comic-Con today. Not one, but TWO panels about upcoming story lines for Marvel; I'm optimistic about where they're going post Civil War 2.

We also very much enjoyed the Agents of SHIELD panel where they revealed that Ghost Rider is going to be a thing next season.

We ended the evening laughing our heads off enjoying Chris Hardwick doing stand up, with surprise guests Paul and Storm as the opening act. 
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Paul Wilcox

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Those of you who follow my Travel collection here on Google+ know that I've been doing a lot more international travel this year than I normally do. And I still have one more trip to Europe to go this year!

That's why I can wholeheartedly recommend the Google Trips app, which I've been testing for a while. It handily gathers any emails in Gmail or Inbox automatically (much like an Inbox Trips bundle) and displays them all in one neat place, sorted by destination if you've got more than one stop on your journey.

I've also appreciated the suggested sightseeing plans. When I was in Japan and not sure which place to see in Kyoto next, it came in really handy to help sort out what was most interesting and closest to me.

It's available for Android & iOS -- if you travel, check it out!
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I really hope it adds the ability to manually add reservations and places, it has been limiting for my needs so far.
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Paul Wilcox

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I finally finished editing and annotating my photos from my trip to Japan a couple of months ago. I saw tons of pretty shrines and temples, but wow was it hot! I really want to go back and explore a lot more of Japan, but next time it will definitely be in the spring or fall.
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Paul Wilcox

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Android 7.0 Nougat is here! Want to see what the latest and greatest is from Google's mobile operating system? This blog post will break it down for you.

The rollout to Nexus devices starts today. As with all Nexus rollouts, it'll take a while before it's distributed to all eligible devices.

I've been using it on my Pixel C for a few weeks now, and just installed it on my Nexus 5X. I'm especially fond of the increased responsiveness of the UI and the improvements to battery performance.

Have you been testing Nougat or received the update yet? What do you think?
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I'm trying hard to be patient. :-)
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Paul Wilcox

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Finally got to see +Lindsey Stirling​ live in concert. Such a fun show! There was a lot more choreography than I expected. It's amazing to see a person move that much while still playing the violin so well.
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Love her...glad the show lived up to hope.
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Paul Wilcox

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One of the nice things about working from Google's San Francisco office for a day is that you can take nice panorama shots from one of the balconies. 
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Ahhhhhh, my island. You're making me homesick!
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Paul Wilcox

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Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con was mostly about Ballroom 20 and the DC television block. Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Flash, and Arrow all had great panels. Flash was especially good since it's clear Barry really, really screwed up the universe at the end of the last season.

We also got to see some nice cosplay including Optimus Prime vs Megatron (they talked out their differences) and a full size Reinhardt from Overwatch.

#SDCC #SDCC2016 
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+Varun Rao to be clear they aren't redoing Flashpoint, but they are doing a similar concept called Flashpoint because Barry really has screwed up the television universe across multiple shows. 
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Come for the pisco sours, stay for the lomo saltado. The food here took me straight back to my visit to Peru.
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