Can someone tell me why the Nexus 7 (2012) is no longer on the supported list for Google Wallet since the 2.0 update? It comes preinstalled with wallet and has the proper NFC capability to do it. I don't understand this


Found out how to fix this (well to get the latest version installed anyway, still have it saying it isn't compatible with this version in the Play Store), see below
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Are you rooted? If so, it will not work. Maybe that is the problem. I rooted my N7 2012 without unlocking the bootloader and the preinstalled Wallet app said incompatible device. Now, after updating to the latest firmware, which I now lost root, I get the same message from the Play Store.
Yep, I'm rooted but I am also on my N4 and it updated without any issues
For anyone that cares, I figured out how to get the N7 (2012) working with Google Wallet 2.0. I had to use Titanium Backup to back up the app+data from my N4, send the backup .TKiP file to the N7, then run a restore app+data over the top of my currently installed Wallet on my N7. 

Everything works perfectly now and I'm still not sure why Google Play lists it as incompatible but oh well, got it installed and working with the latest version so I'm happy
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