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Kind of figured there wouldn't be a reason (for me) to be interested in one of these. Going to stick to Nexus.
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I said that this would happen... Only nexus get the most immediate updates from Google. Why would they take away the only advantage their product has over the competition...
Didn't they say they would update the devices themselves at Google I/O? 
If I bought one of these, I'd immediately unlock it and install +CyanogenMod I'll take my timely updates from the development community. 
Just buy a nexus 4 which is pretty much half the price of those phones :)
Haha I bet the one he presented on Google I/O was a regular s4 and he rooted and flashed a custom ROM onto it
Google never said they would update these phones at I/O they only said it would get updates but never said from who 
Droid life just posted that everyone should calm down... Google will update the devices shortly after the new OS is released
Pointless getting one, if they don't get the update from Google.
Samsung is very slow with updating. 
They already have to have Android working with the device with drivers and features before putting TouchWiz and Sense and they don't need the carrier review. It's probably gonna be easy to maintain these devices. They need this working anyway.
+Icaro Morse , they'll have them working. It won't mean they'll stay up to date. That's the point of why I (& most others that care) won't bother with these devices
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