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I am unconvinced - when I'm looking for a book review (or even just a pic of  a cat with a hamburger), one thing I don't consider is whether a page is on a secure server. I see such a blanket change as  baseless, expensive (in several ways) and an example of Google's egregious attempts to control the world. 
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Paul Ward

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I remember this sure has some good songs for when we're in one of those moods.
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Paul Ward

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Greetings all. Been at Squidoo for two years, though I've not done much this last year - now looking to kick on and get some money flowing :)  Background: I'm a software engineer, mainly managing large scale bespoke developments these days. I try not to be too geeky - I actually don't like Star Trek! 
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Hey Paul, am guessing you joined the LFC community too? Did hear that it was the most popular CL community so far! ;)
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Paul Ward

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Paul Ward

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Hi all, I'm Paul, also known as PaulOnBooks; good to have found this group.
 I have a blog at and I write on various things at Squidoo:   Too much writing for fun and not income before now - but lots of good intentions for 2013 :) 
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Welcome Paul. 
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