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Seeking enthusiastic longevists as salaried/invested team members of project producing comprehensive scientific currently doable regimens for good health/function to age 120

This announcement and information is being posted here because I think that group members will be receptive to its content and, particularly, to its approach to healthful longevity.

The approach of the project (in progress for almost 2 years), is based on the premise that if you embrace and practice every one of the hundreds of personal activities in every area of human health and longevity science, which research has shown in a mammalian or human study to reduce the risk of or to ameliorate one or more human diseases, disorders or dysfunctions or to actually increase healthful longevity, then you may well be able to remain in good function until 120 years of age (given that you do not have a major dysfunction or disease when you begin and that you carefully avoid unnecessary overt risks to your person and your health). This premise is based on the simple logic that if you constantly work to increase the age of onset of each and every disease, disorder and dysfunction that might become the effective cause of your death, then it is not clear that and how you will ever die (although clearly the accumulation of cellular damage is such that with currently available approaches, not all such mortalities can be indefinitely delayed).

I invite you to have a look at the summary descriptions of our approach on the website which will eventually hold all the regimens of recommendations, reasoning behind our recommendations, journal references for that reasoning and all recommendations, and client individualized regimen data, test results, etc. Note that while "registration" is not yet implemented, all top left menu pages are publicly accessible. The details of these summary regimen descriptions are being researched, organized and written on a development private wiki ( and will be transferred to Live120Plus when sufficiently complete to attract and benefit subscription clients.

At this time we are in greatest need of several more health/longevity scientific literature researchers/writers and a website developer/maintainer. However, such people must also be longevists practicing one or more scientifically based health/longevity methods and fully willing to make all their practices and health test parameters open to subscribing clients of Live120Plus, as is the case for all current team members. If you can help us to find such people, that would be greatly appreciated. We function as a team (partners and associates) with input from everyone and pay a combination of salary plus investment in the project.

If you are sufficiently interested in this project to want to know more about it, its methods and operation, then let me know and I will be happy to provide you with access to the development wiki.

You are also welcome to distribute this announcement to whomever you wish.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and any help you can provide.

--Paul Wakfer
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Paul Wakfer

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I, of course, concur totally.
Do you have questions about the Self-Sovereign Individual Project and/or writings that are part of it?
Here's the place for public discussion once you've read at least "Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction" and the links within it -

Public discussion enables many more people to join in and learn how to critically assess what they have read, rather than via emails. Please use quotes from items on about which you post, rather than paraphrase them.
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Paul Wakfer

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Great tool that I have needed very often, particularly because no graph paper that I can ever get seems to well fit the scale that I want for a project.
Print your own grid paper

This simple, free website lets you define a style of grid, lines, etc (even grids suitable for isometric sketching!) and then print it out.

Ridiculously simple.  Ridiculously useful.

#productivity   #gridpaper  
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Paul Wakfer

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The main negative is that it is very hard to find any type of spaghetti that is not mostly wheat flour with only a very small amount of zucchini, spinach or whatever. Try to find soy or buckwheat spaghetti since these will generally have less wheat, if any. Rye spaghetti would also be good, but I have never found it - only rye noodles in various shapes which I have often used.
However nutritionally best of all would be to totally avoid grain based pasta and use spaghetti squash. For how to cook and use it see:
Raw food recipe: Zucchini Spaghetti with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
(Thanks to +Mirri Maine for the fermentation tip!)
Last week, the Zucchini Spaghetti with Mediterranean Sauce were a huge hit; so you leave me no choice but to give you share with you another great sauce for your spaghettis.
Follow us on g+. - a blog-magazine 
#zucchinispaghetti   #mushroomrecipes   #fermentedfoods   #veganrecipe  
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Further investigation uncovered that the "spaghetti" is actually very finely cut strips of raw zucchini (a special tool is used, variations of which are available online). This is something I plan to try out & investigate other vegetables for which this would work.  The cooked hot sauce is then put over the raw "spaghetti" and further softens it, and apparently makes it quite tasty. Looking forward to trying it out. :)
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Paul Wakfer

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Excellent suggestions about education reform.
I'm not big on conspiracy theories. If you think Oswald acted alone I have a lovely bridge for sale that you might want to look at, but apart from that I don't subscribe to many of the conspiracies I
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Paul Wakfer

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This is an excellent list, but I can think of a few enhancements/corrections that I think would help.

"An Observation is when you notice something in the world around you and decide you want to find out more about it."
Change to:
"An Observation is when you notice instances of an apparently similar phenomenon occurring in the world around you and decide you want to find out more about them.

"A Hypothesis is a statement that uses a few Observations, without any experimental evidence, to define why something happens."
Change to:
"A Hypothesis is a statement based on a few instances of the observed phenomenon which clearly and unambiguously describes the general mechanism which is causal for those instances and predicts further occurrences."

"An Experiment is a series of tests to see if your Hypothesis is correct or incorrect. For each test, record the data you discover."
Add: "All well-formed experiments formulate their hypothesis as a "Null Hypothesis" - that there is no difference between two situations 1) where the proposed mechanism holds and 2) where the proposed mechanism does not hold.

"Analyzing data takes what you found in your Experiments and compares it to your Hypothesis. If needed, perform another Experiment to gather better data."
Add: "This step necessarily includes some level of application of statistics to the analysis of the data."

"Forming a Conclusion presents the Experimental Data and explains how it supports or rejects the Hypothesis."
Change to:
"Forming a Conclusion presents the Experimental Data, explains how it supports or rejects the Hypothesis and specifies the level of such support or rejection in statistical terms."
It amazes how many people don't understand this.
        Science is a process guided by simple set of rules scientists follow to make sure that what they do actually works. We have learned over the past four centuries that these are the bare minimum common sense rules to follow. Anything less and you will make mistakes and mislead people into believing falsehoods. Cold hard experience has taught us this over the generations.
        Too many people believe science is like some kind of religion, where people just hypothesize and decide that their hypotheses are true, and believe in these hypotheses dogmatically. Evolution and climate change have been specifically targeted by politicians who want people to believe this about science, and all of science suffers as a result of this misinformation. All of science suffers when more and more people misunderstand what it is.

1. Make an Observation -- "What is happening?"
        An Observation is when you notice something in the world around you and decide you want to find out more about it.
2. Define the Question -- "Why is this happening?"
        Defining the question creates an idea that can be tested using a series of Experiments.
3. Form a Hypothesis -- "I think this happens because..."
        A Hypothesis is a statement that uses a few Observations, without any experimental evidence, to define why something happens.
4. Perform Experiments -- "Let's test my Hypothesis..."
        An Experiment is a series of tests to see if your Hypothesis is correct or incorrect. For each test, record the data you discover.
5. Analyze the Data -- "Was my Hypothesis right?"
        Analyzing data takes what you found in your Experiments and compares it to your Hypothesis. If needed, perform another Experiment to gather better data.
6. Conclusion -- "Experiments show my Hypothesis was..."
        Forming a Conclusion presents the Experimental Data and explains how it supports or rejects the Hypothesis. Often, Scientists will take this Conclusion and perform other Experiments on it to discover new things.

(end quote)

7. Request Peer Review -- "Did you get the same answer as me?"
        Ask other scientists to perform the same Experiments you did to check your work and make sure you didn't make mistakes, see if they come to the same Conclusion as you did. The more people who get the same answers as you, the more confidence everyone has that you are right.

(thanks to +Earl Matthews for sharing this to my stream)

#Science   #ScientificMethod   #Farnsworth   #Futurama  
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+Robert Duvall
This is why the null hypothesis is so important an approach. With it one is not trying to prove any positive thing, but rather trying to prove that there is no difference between two statements and the fact that there may be a difference comes out of the inability to prove that there is not. If historical research were based on that method then the sort of biased approach that you are stating would be far less frequent.
In any case, "accepted methodology" is not always optimal methodology and there is always likely something better, just like there is certainly a far better way for a society to operate than a democracy, even a direct one.
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What's "heated" is the debate around this issue. There is a burgeoning field of study called "paleoclimatology" which studies past climate changes through data from the ice caps, drilling soil samples, and historical written information when available. What many people don't realize is that there is both written and environmental proof that we are coming out of a mini-ice age that began in the late 14th century (1300's). Also, while the "warming" trend due to CO2 idea is popular among many environmental scientists, there have been others who suggest excess CO2 in the air may actually cause the planet to cool. At any rate, informed scientists understand that even if we could immediately REDUCE C02 emission to even below Kyoto protocols it would have almost no effect on global warming (or cooling) as it takes approximately 75-150 years for CO2 in the atmosphere to break down.  
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Paul Wakfer

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The power of the Internet reformation at work!
Inspirational! 1+ to each individual who invested thinking/planning time and took action to enable one another to both ignore the well-trained barking dogs ( #turkeyprimeminister  & cabinet) and stand up to the risk of attack from trained biting dogs ( #enforcer / #policing ).
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Paul Wakfer

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Good message, but even stronger and more valid would be to replace both instances of "little" with "no".
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Paul Wakfer

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Our Live120Plus project/company organization is highly different from such normal top down arrangements. From the page: "We are creating and maintaining this website as Partners and Associates of a highly unique type of work organization by which we are enabled to evaluate and critique one another and to gain salary and equity in the project commensurate with our value to it. Under this organization all Partners and Associates are also joint Owners and Authors of Live120Plus and all content of Live120Plus, except for signed responses on the Forums, is effectively the joint work of all of us."
For all of my friends who are entrepreneurs, I support You!

This meme was meant for network marketers but I think anyone who is an entrepreneur has figured this out. 

There are those who look down upon network marketers and call it a pyramid scheme. Can you put that nonsense to rest? Using an uneducated, canned response to someone who is trying to free themselves from the true pyramid scheme is just belittling.

I say support your local entrepreneurs when you can. If your neighbor is selling an equivalent product to the one you are going to drive to Walmart to get, why not first give them the opportunity to win your business? Instead of buying your vegetables at the store, why not head down to the farmers market?

If you hear someone belittle an entrepreneur for trying to make a better life for themselves, I would think twice before making friends with them.

I post this because of a few comments I have seen recently on Google Plus. Also word travels fast on Google Plus so be careful what you say. There are bullies everywhere so beware.

Keep pursuing your dreams. In my experience there is nothing like spending all day with your spouse and not having to go to an office!

#Entrepreneurs   #NetworkMarketing  

h/t Mastermind event on FB
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The Secret of Self-Employment

I'm not big on conspiracy theories. If you think Oswald acted alone I have a lovely bridge for sale that you might want to look at, but apar

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