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Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL... For less than 200 $.£ CHF. A perfect companion for your Laptop and it is an extremely comprehensive tool for all the usual Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype etc., Plus the working facilities like OneDrive (I T-bite space for free) and a full Microsoft Office 365 the full suite - also a gift. Oh, and the camera is fantastic. Finally Cortana is like having a tiny secretary who will remember everything, remind you, wake you. It cannot make coffee (yet) but otherwise is very impressive. Worth checking out!!!
Microsoft this morning began pushing out a new OS and firmware update for some Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL devices. Even more interesting, this update brings some new features including one for the yet-unreleased Lumia 640 on T-Mobile. Unlocked and regional variants of the both devices should begin to see an update waiting for them on Microsoft's servers. The OS gets bumped to version...
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What a disgraceful show this was. How dare this woman come here shoveling her 'poor me' crap on a single ethnic group? ALL the kids in Britain need encouragement, (NOT from her necessarily,) But, to further embroil a pseudo racism in an already unstable environment - isn't the way to go...
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Your comments are appreciated, Cavana. And, there was no need to worry, this post was open to all. I,m always happy to read intelligent view-points from everyone...
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GONE - Completely…
Any harsh words, or grunts of understanding, are gone.
Too late to regret, for the one you loved has departed.
We think it will last forever, then, one day it just stops.
Not for you, for you go on living; empty and sad.
Gone is the dear person you knew, a lover, a mum, a dad.
Every word, every knowing look, has died with them.  
Like a light turned off in the night.
Never more that touch, no funny little sneeze.
Whisper in your ear, or the joke no one else gets. 
They have gone, completely, never again to be seen.

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Really? Would you buy this doll for your child.
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I was busy yesterday. 
So I'm having my shitty Monday today...
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Maybe I'm just having a really bad day...
Tell me, why it is that every single social taboo is now not only acceptable because of what we call political correctness, but its mandatory and enforced by law? It will end in tears...
Obesity. Gay marriage. Ethnicity. Religion. Smoking. Free speech.
All these things are now controlled by your Government. Nanny State!
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From time to time its interesting to read tech reviews. I stumbled across one this morning by Aaron Brown, (Express News) who was writing about Microsofts Lumia 640. The review in itself seemed fair and in many respects quite accurate. My issue is with the title of his article, which is in my opinion an abuse of his position. I have tried a Lumia 640 XL for a couple of months and have found it quite brilliant. Everyone bangs on about Apps, but so far I have not missed any apps on this device. So telling people not to buy one is totally misusing his position.
Especially on eve of Microsofts Windows 10 upgrade...
Fans of large screen Windows Phones haven't exactly been spoiled in the past. There was the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520, launched in October 2013 to the world at the final Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi. But that was a long time ago and there hasn't been a lot to speak of since. The Lumia 1320 was always a more budget targeted, large screen phone. And those who bought it largely adored...
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AGAIN the UK is caught up in an emotional roller-coaster ride, because yet another group of women have gone over to the enemy. WHY? Not why have they gone. Why do we care? Because they're British? Are they though? To be with (and to take no less than nine children with them,) a murdering group of fanatics is obviously much more attractive than living in freedom in the UK. 
I am wondering how long it will be before it's everyone else's fault, the Police, the British government... And, how will the lefties justify this particular act of treachery?
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This kind of comment and or posting is exactly what makes me sick. In my view it perpetuates an unnecessary conflict which was neither meant to be offensive, or even matters on the scale of things. 
However, to create a form of ill-at-ease material about race, breads its own momentum... 
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Err, how is your day?
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Be careful what you wish for...
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