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Shannon Loves Ralph Macchio!
My first gay crush was Ralph Macchio in "The Karate Kid" movie. He played a young man named Daniel Larusso , who experienced bullying, for being the new kid in town. And I could relate, as I was picked on and bullied a lot at school. I was 11-years old, and...

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Happy birthday to actor David Soul!

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Hubba Hubba!
New #MyFirstGayCrush  post today for "Tarzan" actor Mike Henry!
My First Gay Crush, Mike Henry, 1960's, Tarzan, Football Star, Actor

Paul V.

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Frank Loves Mike Henry!
My first gay crush was super hot actor Mike Henry. He was an ex-football star who ended up playing Tarzan in three 1960’s movies. In the early 70's, at around age 10, a friend of mine showed me a movie magazine about Tarzan films and there was a photo sprea...
My First Gay Crush, Mike Henry, 1960's, Tarzan, Football Star, Actor

Paul V.

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We love you +Barack Obama! Here's my 30-minute "Obama Megamix" that I created in 2008. Yes we can, and yes we did! xo DJ +Paul V. 

Paul V.

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Enjoy this 30 minute #Electroclash  Mix 1!
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#NowPlaying   #EDM   #Electronica   #IndieBeats  
Listen to Neon Noise with Paul V. on The Independent FM on TuneIn

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WOW! +Madonna in 1983. Fab Polaroids!
Photographer Richard Corman looks back on meeting and shooting the charismatic East Village club kid as she was poised for stratospheric stardom.

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#ThrowbackThursday   #MyFirstGayCrush  
Posted on this date in 2011!
My First Gay Crush, Larry Wilcox, Chips, 1970's, Gay, LGBT

Paul V.

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Click here - "Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay" book Click here - "My First Gay Crush Blog " Click to follow my blog with Bloglovin' Tweet

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Enjoy this 30 minute #Electroclash  Mix 2!
DJ Paul V. is an institution in the LA and Silver Lake club scene, and whose eclectic club and radio DJ career has thrived for 30 years. As co-creator & DJ at the beloved Dragstrip 66 club (which at 20 years was LA's longest running underground dance event) Paul knows how to expertly work the CD decks with cutting-edge music & beats for alternative and gay/mixed dancefloors. Paul's latest endeavor is the "Born This Way" Blog, which exploded starting in January 2011 - - and the "Born This Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay" book -
Welcome! My blogs are here to give the world-wide LGBTQ community a safe and welcoming place to tell our stories! Your comments and feedback are much appreciated, too. Thank you! DJ Paul V.
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I'm just happy and thrilled to have this self-made, 30+ year career that I love, playing music for people and being able to forge my own path.
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