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Pretty damn cool! 
I'm 'The Alchemist'. Want to find out your personality? Take the Who Am I? quiz:

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Seriously? Doesn't anybody over there do QA?

Sounds like someone was trying to make a quick shady buck and it back fired.
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Looks radical! 🙋

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ABOUT DAMN TIME!!  Now it's SURE to pass the Senate!!!

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We're featured.  Woo hoo!!!
This game is a free to play demo. You can explore Lefty's bar for as long a...

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Watch the video, I think you'll laugh at how they describe A/B testing to the layman.  :)
What is Marketing really? Well, we tried to tackle this one in the simplest manner and give you some tips!

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Is there a way for us to use Butter on our computer until you create a downloadable client for the various platforms?

Thank you in advance!!
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you could use this, think you might have hear of it . 
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Best experience ever

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I used Uber while in San Francisco and it was quite handy!

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(And Vice Versa)The brain hasn't ever been unimportant, but it has risen to new heights in an age where neuroscience and genetics are sharply focused on it. We are gaining so much insight into brain

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Paul T.
I haven't tried since I wrote that post.
Just a crazy game developer looking to develop and publish some kick ass games!!
Here's the best way to describe me:

When I'm not making video games, running my side businesses, or investing you can find me either miles above the sky as a skydive instructor, coach, videographer, and when it's too cloudy or windy to skydive you can find me using my Reiki skills to heal people without drugs.  I'm a student of metaphysics and can see auras around people's body.  I hope to someday commune with my spirit guides and people who have crossed over that want to give their loved ones messages but didn't have the opportunity to do so while on this plane of existence. 
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In my 30+ years of video game development and publishing I've had the great privilege of working on projects such as the King's Quest / Police Quest / Space Quest & Leisure Suit Larry series', Mech Warrior 2, Grand Theft Auto I, II, & III, Quake Mobile, and Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded. There are tons of other ones but those are the ones you'll probably recognize the most.
  • Florida State University
    International Business Operations, 1989 - 1994
  • Replay Games
    Founder & CEO, 2008 - present
  • Pulse Interactive
    Founder & CEO, 2003 - 2006
  • Evolution Consulting
    Consultant, 2001 - 2003
  • Greenleaf Technology Corp.
    Vice President of Business Development, 2000 - 2001
  • Atari
    Director of Business Development, 1999 - 2000
  • Gremlin Interactive
    Business Development Manager, 1997 - 1999
  • Activision
    Producer, 1996 - 1997
  • Sierra On-Line
    Associate Producer, 1984 - 1996
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We had a server named Adam who works a couple of days a week he said. Not only did he go above and beyond for us, he was probably the best waiter we've had in an extremely long time. He made our dining that more enjoyable!
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I have no idea how this place has 4.5 stars. The food was sub-mediocre and the service was absolutely horrible. While I was paying my bill the cashier looked at me and shook the tip jar......TWICE!!! I always leave my tip on the table, and did so this time too, but I'm just telling you, save your money and go somewhere else.
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Not only are they selling a certain type of endangered fish species (Green Peace is boycotting them) but they also stopped price matching which they always used to do. I found the two products on Amazon Prime Now so I ordered the two products, paid less than half, and they'll be delivered in 2 hours. I'm not coming here again.
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After going through two other HORRIBLE plumbing companies my friend Sam told me these guys are honest, will do a perfect job, and they'll do it with a smile. I didn't realise how right he was until they came out to my house and saved me hundreds of dollars by just doing a simple test to show me I didn't, in fact, have a leak like Mr. Rooters plumbing told me I had (and wanted to charge me $700 just to inspect the supposed leak!!!). I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Seriously, the most professional company I've ever dealt with!!!! Thank you Mark & Mandy!!!!!!
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We did the Lanai Dolphin snorkel and had an absolute blast!!!! Here's a tip: MAKE SURE YOU BRING PLENTY OF SUN SCREEN!! LOL The capital & crew know their way around the islands and we got to see a bunch of dolphins swimming along the boat with us! It was so cool to see them swim alongside the boat and then jump in the air and spin! That's the part that made my day. I hope you have as much fun as we did!
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