+Evan Rapoport   Website featuring a Google Virtual Tour from the Google Business Photos program wins an award at the 2013 Queensland Multi Media Awards.

Check out the accommodation page where all of the different types of accommo feature a fullscreen Google Virtual Tour embed.  http://www.crystalcascades.com.au/

Around 160panos make up this tour and shot over a number of weeks due to weather conditions and availability of cabins.  Was originally a multi-level but had to push down to single level due to guideline changes.

Here's a post from the business Facebook page:  WOOOHOO! Our website won at this years 2013 Queensland Multi Media Awards.
We worked in collaboration with https://www.facebook.com/GoogleTrustedPhotographerAustralia?ref=br_tf to bring you the virtual tours of the park as well as Etch Design Group http://www.etchdesign.com.au/
If you haven't already seen our website - check it out.... or even take a walk around with the virtual tour http://crystalcascades.com.au/ — with Sophie Curtis and Jenine Drayton.
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