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Marketing is as much philosophy as it is practicality. Make it your practical philosophy.
Marketing is as much philosophy as it is practicality. Make it your practical philosophy.
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Question to the LGV10 community on Nougat - I don't see notifications anymore on the second screen when the main one is off, and none on the notification bar at the top of the lock screen. I can't seem to find a setting for this either; on Marshmallow the second screen and lock screen notification bar (not screen, but bar) showed notifications. Advice?

FINALLY. LG and T-Mo sent through the Nougat update and security patches to the LG V10 H901: Android 7.0 and May 2017 security patch. WTF? Why not the latest security patch at least LG and T-Mo?!? Why is this so hard to do? It is YOUR BUSINESS for crying out loud.

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Great photo slide show of the 2017 Healdsburg Jazz Festival with accompaniment by Henry Butler, live on the finale Sunday night.

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Democrats have to make changes in order to restore a balance to our politics. Wake up! Stop trying the same-old thing over and over!

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A message to the Democratic Party: get your sh!t together. Read on:

Warning, rant ahead ... <rant>Okay +LG Electronics, where in the heck is Nougat for the LG V10?!? C'mon, you had Nougat FIRST on the V20, but you couldn't back port it to the similar V10 in a timely manner? The second screen stuff can't be holding you up as you already solved that for the V20 - so what the F is the delay?!? I know what the delay is: YOU DON'T CARE. You don't care that the T-Mob H901 version is stuck on security patch 2016-09-01. And you wonder why you're such a distant contender to Samsung. If you CARED about your customers you would prioritize those that took a chance on a new, frickin' expensive flagship phone; you know, the diehards, the nerds, the influencers that make your brand cool. But you don't because your marketing team is in a different city or country from the engineers, and wouldn't know each other if they tripped over each other on the street. Just a faceless, soulless corporation driving the bottom line. Burn a few customers - who cares, right?!? There are millions more that you will try and sucker. GET THE EFFEN UPDATE OUT.</rant> Sorry, needed to get that off my chest.

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Net neutrality is one of those boring topics that seem to have no bearing on real life. But if you're reading this on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter, it bears a great deal. Basically, internet service providers (ISP) like Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, Charter, etc., should allow all internet traffic flow equally across their networks to your home and devices. A Netflix movie should download just as fast as one from Comcast's Xfinity service - right? But without net neutrality, Comcast could charge Netflix up the yazoo for equal bandwith, or not allow them at all on their network. Sure a rich company like Netflix could pony up the cash, but what about video from NPR? Plus, if there were real competition, then maybe a free market would work. But there are basically four wireless providers nationally, and in my area - TWO wired, Comcast cable and AT&T DSL (so that is basically one, then). Comcast and Charter have just signed non-compete agreements essentially making them into a massive duopoly.

Obama's FCC stepped in and enforced net neutrality - not well, but enough to stop the ISPs from gouging or blocking traffic. Trump's FCC is REPEALING net neutrality. That will make the case outlined above legal and permissible. Don't think ISPs won't jump to gouge both content providers and consumers; it's free money in their pockets. Sign the ACLU petition and let your voice be heard if you support net neutrality. The future of business online depends on an open and unfettered internet.

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See jazz move 5th graders during the Healdsburg Jazz Festival's Operation Jazz Band - an educational program to bring music education into our schools.

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The 19th Annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival is June 2-11, 2017! Get a peek at the world-class artists coming to play in wine country!

T-Mo pushed the 9-1-2016 security update to my V10 last night. Glad that LG and T-Mo are not abandoning this phone yet.
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