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See good. Do good. Feel good. And measure good.
You could say xocial is what happens when good karma meets the Internet. Instead of measuring our popularity, xocial measures our positive social impact—both the good we see others doing and the good we do ourselves. The goal is to make the world suck a little less. While having a lot of fun.

We’re able to measure good using a patented algorithm
we call the xo score™

The xo score is a number from 100 to 500. It’s built by earning xocial points—but just because you earn one xocial point doesn’t mean your xo score goes up by one. The algorithm factors in the type of deed or action, its significance, and whether you’re the one doing good or recognizing good.

Your xo score includes everyday actions (think driving your friend’s kids home from the sleepover) and monumental efforts (like raising the most money for a national charity). You can have an xo score if you’re an individual, a non-profit, a company, an institution or a geographic region. Your city can have an xo score. Your cat can’t.

Your xo score is based on efforts in six areas.
Building character
Day-to-day actions that show your generosity, kindness, candor, honesty and more.

Eco efforts
Steps taken to reduce your ecological footprint, from meatless Mondays to joining a car share.

Charitable works
Your support of charities, non-profits and social institutions like hospitals and schools.

Lifestyle choices
Actions that show you live consciously, from what you buy to how you treat your body.

Workplace leadership
Above-and-beyond efforts on the job that are an inspiration to others.

Lifelong learning
Your actions in the classroom of life, from tutoring your peers to enrolling in a post-grad program.

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