Austin we love you but we can't afford you!  "So welcome to your new home. But just keep in mind that unless you are:

Independently wealthy
About to inherit a fortune
A drug dealer
An underground dealer of skinny jeans and vintage cowboy boots (you’ll make a mint, just be sure to open an Etsy store); or
Donald Trump (God, please don’t let him move here. I mean, sweet Jesus, we already have Perry and Cruz and Abbott, haven’t you punished us enough?)

"You won’t be able to afford a house. Or an apartment, or a condo, renting or owning. That is, not anywhere within an approximate 122 mile radius of the actual city of Austin. I’m just warning you, so if you end up in a sleeping bag next to some dumpster you will be prepared. I’m pretty sure that a shed in someone’s backyard with a tree for a toilet rents for around $1,800 per month these days."

As I dream wistfully about the downtown condo I own but have to rent out because I can't afford to live there.  First there was coworking, now we need a low cost way to live in Austin.  Coliving? is a url I started to start searching for an answer just like was one of the early coworking ventures.  Coliving would be the next generation of the hippie commune.
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