Yantouch”, Ken Ouyang indicates that “Yan” is Yin-Yan. “Yan touch” means Sun’s touch. Touch by Sunrise and Sunset’s beauty (We continue improve smart light and more versatile sync, even go multi-device next), touch by Sun’s power, brightness. (We continue to improve on white light brightness). It matches with our 3-in-1 main themes of Natural wake and Smart light. Yantouch is no cheap China factory name, it has deep root of China culture and philosophy.

Yantouch has introduced Jelly Fish LED light and black/white diamond shaped Bluetooth speaker, one is the combination of fine art and technology while the other one is a perfect integration of light and music. These two innovative products soon broadcast Yantouch’s visibility and lay a successful battle for small and medium enterprise crossing from OEM to brand management. Yantouch also developed tons of innovative control technology and smart phone software related patents, such as Music you can see, Stereo reflection speaker, Speaker-specific equalization and Remote control UI…etc. Even Ken Ouyan personally has up to 41 patented technologies which accelerated oversea marketing and broadcasted Yantouch reputation.

#sxsw #sxsw2016 SXSW Trade Show 2016, Austin, TX
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