The Austin area is the origin of man in the Americas!  This boggles the mind.  I mean, Austin is on a lot of top ten lists and all, but this is ridiculous.  

I want to go on a field trip to see this dig site.  These first human settlers of America got the Austin area 15,500 years ago which is about 2,000 years earlier than has been commonly thought.

The article says "Fed by permanent springs, this area between the Edwards Plateau and lower coastal plains would have offered ample game from both ecosystems, and its limestone held an abundant supply of flint-like rock, or chert, ideal for making Stone Age tools."

And further the article states "Prior to about 13,500 years ago, sheets of ice two miles thick covered nearly all of Canada, making a land route impassable."

"The most plausible solution is that the first Americans traveled a coastal route, using boats to come down the Alaskan and Canadian coasts, parts of which probably would have been free of ice."

So the Austin area is the origin of man in the Americas.  I'll just sit back now and let that sink in.
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