monom, a product innovation team at Hakuhodo Tokyo, has created its third independently developed product: a button-shaped speaker called "Pechat" that gives teddies everywhere the power to talk.

Pechat is a button-shaped speaker jointly developed by monom with HACKist, a digital creative lab of Hakuhodo DY Group company Hakuhodo i-studio. Attach Pechat to your child's favorite teddy, control it with the dedicated smartphone app, and the teddy really seems to talk. Pechat can be used in many different ways. Share secrets with your child. Sing songs together. Suggest she take a nap. Read him a story. This next-generation toy is a new communication tool for parents and kids and a fun parenting aid.
#sxsw #sxsw2016 SXSW Trade Show 2016, Austin, TX
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