Blue Goji and Onlife Health launch Goji Madness Tournament to help Americans of all ages get fit in a fun way!

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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blue Goji®, a wellness technology company, is excited to announce its anchoring “incentive reward” - the Goji Madness Tournament - for GojiVerse, the company’s gamified wellness platform. Unlike typical fitness-oriented competitions, Goji Madness is about having fun and staying active for users of all fitness levels and age groups (18 and older). No purchase of Goji Play is necessary.

Although the prevalence of conditions attributed to a lack of physical activity is well known, people’s good intentions to address sedentary habits is witnessed by the widespread purchase of at-home cardio equipment, gym memberships, and step-counting wearables. In reality, many of these equipment and gym memberships remain largely underutilized. The same is true for activity-tracking devices and mobile apps. Typically only the most dedicated, active, or healthy people continue using their wearable fitness devices six months after purchase. Simply put, although people have good intentions, they often struggle to achieve their health and wellness goals.

“Helping people realize their good intentions of building and maintaining healthier habits is our core mission. We accomplish this through true gamification of cardio workouts, fitness/wellness activities, and other mindful exercises,” explained Coleman Fung, co-founder and chief executive officer of Blue Goji. “Whether it’s our portfolio of cardio games to suit any taste or our unique Goji Moments-based challenges that connect users with shared goals, we have generated unprecedented levels of sustained user engagement from our pilot programs. Now we are introducing our anchoring incentive reward – Goji Madness – to complete our gamified platform.”

Wellness providers such as Onlife Health embrace the value health challenges play in getting people moving no matter their fitness level. Onlife has seen great success in using challenges to motivate members and deliver fun user experiences that improve health at the same time. The company will open the tournament to its employees and client-members nationwide.

“Onlife Health is excited to participate in Goji Madness,” said Arthur Lane, vice president of marketing and product development of Onlife. “Blue Goji has made tremendous strides in creating a platform that makes physical activity fun and rewarding. This technology drives engagement levels and addresses pain points of health plans and employers who are looking for innovative ways to manage their healthcare spend and boost engagement.”

“At every opportunity, we stress the importance of exercise in helping prevent or manage chronic conditions,” added Abbey Griffin, Onlife director of product development. “Members tell us they’d like to participate in fun activities both at the workplace as well as at home. Building upon our evidence-based approach, we’re making the investment to leverage this technology that we know can change sedentary habits and lead to improved health outcomes.”

Tournament Overview

The Goji Madness Tournament offers familiar and fun mechanics to encourage and incentivize Blue Goji users to stay active and have fun. Tournament contestants will be organized into four Goji Madness communities – Active Central (available to all contestants), BMI Camp (for individuals with a body mass index of 28 or higher), Seniors Rock (for individuals age 60 or older) and Veterans Honor (for our military veterans) – in order to provide members of each community with more targeted activities and encouragement through the competition. The tournament champion will win a new car – to be voted on by all Goji Madness contestants! Other great prizes will be awarded to the winners of each elimination round, starting with the top 64 contestants. The top four contestants will earn a trip to New York City, where they will compete live during the semi-final and the final rounds of the tournament. (See for tournament information and rules.)

About Blue Goji

Blue Goji was founded in 2011 on the big data software development and gaming expertise of its founders who are focused on changing the health and wellness game. Fung, the founder and former CEO of OpenLink, aligned with Charles Huang and Kai Huang, brothers who developed the highly successful Guitar Hero franchise, to start Blue Goji. For more information, please see

Goji Play, GojiGo, GojiTate, Goji Madness and other products, brands and trademarks are property of Blue Goji Corp.

About Onlife Health, Inc.

Onlife Health, Inc. is a national wellness provider dedicated to transforming lives through healthier living. With two decades of experience, Onlife fosters highly personalized, sustained engagement strategies that begin with a deep understanding of each client’s unique wellness goals and culture. Combining the use of dedicated health coaches, support communities, onsite events, and the latest technologies, Onlife creates tailored programs based on client and member needs. Onlife Health’s engaging and interactive approach creates trusted relationships that inspire, energize, and guide people to make lasting changes in their lives, leading to improved health. For more information, visit

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