Happy Birthday, you have some fine thoughts and an interesting path from materialistic, drinker/consumer to a more thoughtful vegan.  In many ways my path is the opposite from 20 years of being a relatively poor vegetarian living in a schoolbus to the present day, where I have a pretty decent real estate portfolio in booming Austin Texas, lots of computers and tech toys, drones, and renters who live around me who not only pay me regularly but give me great joy.  I am trying to build wealth without sacrificing my core values and without distancing myself from my clients and customers.  I don't know why but this strategy seems to be working.  Have a great day in PR!

And oh yeah, +Raul Colon don't give up on SXSW.  Let's plan to meet up next year at the #sxsw2017 and go to some parties, panels and events ok?
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