The first time we saw the steampunk style tiny home was on an 18 wheeler that was stuck on the road to the kasita grohome tiny home village. A tree got tangled in the roof of the tiny home to the horror of the steampunk maven tiny home owner. So we called in a pro, David Streamer, who trims trees for Bluebonnet Electric and he took his chainsaw on a 20' pole and trimmed the tree with no harm to the tiny home.

After the harrowing turn in to our narrow gate the driver managed to navigate the tiny home to it's resting place, a beautiful meadow with wildflowers and a convenient nearby electric hookup. The driver had a long bed 18 wheeler which allowed him to tote along a full kennel of barking dogs which added to the surreal effect of this whole late night adventure.

The tiny steampunk home owner wasn't amused, however, at the shredded green plastic that had torn away from her roof deck floor and the deck itself was sticky to walk on. Ooops, not quite cured yet.
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