Sunday, 5/8/16, Austin, TX - I went to the annual Maker Faire Austin, the public celebration of all that’s do-it-yourself and creative about various forms of technological things – electronic, robotic, biological, industrially progressive things. It’s one of 19 such faires worldwide.

They've got it all! Drones, robots, 3D printers, a dark hall with glowing LEDs and lights abounding, a 30 foot wall where you can paint with thousands of LEDs, and even traditional arts and crafts like weaving.

Wow, what about the robotic music of Ponytrap, the rock band getting rave reviews Scott Parenteau’s Tin Spider walked There was thearound like a vision of future robotics. lightning show rock stars of ArcAttack. Daniel G. Benes channeledThomas Alva Edison.

I ran into a lot of friends including Gary Hoover, Carl DeCordova, and Matt my original Austin sysadmin / unix guru
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