More easy as cake housing for AustinSpring in Cedar Creek, TX, our "el cosmico clone" for long term rentals and STRs.  This couples review cracks me up!  I saw this today at the Lowe's in Bastrop and it blew me away.  So well built! So versatile with a choice of open sides, screen sides or closed sides.  And only $498.  We're going to start renting these with water, internet, and septic hookups for $210 a month.  You would be half an hour from Sixth and Congress in a very friendly community if you rented this.

AMAZING Purchase!
Location:Maryville, TN

So I didn't take the time to read the past reviews so if I am being repetitive, deal with it. To start off, this thing is stupid simple to build...period. Grab a buddy, an 8 ft ladder, a 12 pack, a shorter ladder or step-stool and a drill with a 10mm socket (very important) .

Although time consuming (about 3 hours), this thing went together like peaches and cream! I looked at this thing on display at my local Lowe's store and imagined what a nightmare it would be to attach the canopy and not was like "butter".

My only issue was with hanging the "mosquito" curtains and the solid curtains. The instructions seemed to "evaporate" at this point. Once you get the frame constructed and the canopies installed (again, too easy), you now get to "hang" the enclosures. From this point, if you don't drink, find someone who does to help you or your will start drinking. If you've been know to consume several alcoholic beverages in the past, go get more at this point 'cause you're gonna run out and take a torch to your new gazebo.

So here's the secret to hanging the enclosures. First off, the instructions, again, kinda fall off at this point. It doesn't explain whether to install the solid curtain or the mesh curtain on the inside or outside. Additionally, it does not explain whether or not these curtains are to be installed in front of or behind the four here's the deal. We installed the netting enclosure on the inside rail and the solid fabric on the outside rail. Both enclosures were installed INSIDE the four columns (as opposed to the outside). Here's where it get's ugly and most people start drinking...trying to place the little brass holes on the enclosures over the little stupid hooks provided.

At this point, I would recommend locking any firearms in your home in the trunk of your vehicle and giving the keys to a neighbor. It's that brutal. Here's the trick. For the outside "J" hooks, face them outside. For the inside "J" hooks, face them inside. Here's the installation trick ( You will laugh at this if you buy this and have read this review), you must place the "J" hook exactly at eye level, turn the "J" hook in the direction you wish it to be, grab the enclosure with your thumbs and forefingers just next to the brass eyelet and very, very quietly try to sneak the brass enclosure over the top of the brass eyelet. Should you make a sound or attempt to "force" the eyelet over the "J" hook, it will automatically rotate in front of your eyes!

Jeff & Catherine

High quality, easy build

hanging drapes
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