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The FDA has rejected a citizen’s petition calling for mandatory labeling of foods from genetically engineered crops, arguing that labels are not warranted unless there is a material difference in the safety or nutritional profile of the foods in question.
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Nice to see that reason overcomes ideology once in a while. 
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Paul T Morrison

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Well said Kavin, "Let’s raise a glass of milk and a Thin Mint to the Girl Scouts for their accurate, science-based stance and for not bowing to undue ideological pressure."

#GMO   #GMOs   #keepyourfuckinghandsoffmythinmints  
Despite anti-GMO activist demands, the Girl Scouts continue to stand firmly with the scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs, remaining steadfast in its evidence-based position. The organization, which supports STEM education for girls and offers merit badges in
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Good for them, there's so much fear-mongering taking place today on this topic...
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Paul T Morrison

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Reason why the Ben Carson memes are so funny.

And Trump is so LULZ too.
Not only have scientists known for many years that there is a direct correlation between humor and intelligence, but seriously, all joking aside, our brains…Conservatives’ and Liberals’….are really are different.
Scientists have found that Liberals have a larger and more active part of the brain called the anterior cingulate cortex, or ACC, than our Conservative counterparts. But while they are lacking in the ACC department, they actually have larger amygdala than we do.

asically, the more developed ACC allows the Liberal to be a better problem solver. It helps us to cipher through difficult information and make educated decisions. According to scientists, Liberal brain chemistry allows us to monitor conflict, detect errors, and we are more likely to

“respond to informational complexity, ambiguity, and novelty. Liberals, according to this model, would be likely to engage in more flexible thinking, working through alternate possibilities before committing to a choice. Even after committing, if alternate contradicting data comes along, they would be more likely to consider it. This is how science works, and why there might be so many correlations between scientific beliefs.”
Now the Cons…
The Conservatives on the other hand have a more developed center of emotion with the amygdala. It is said to be the center for fear, so with such an enlarged and heightened amygdala, much of what they do and how they react to most situations comes from basic fear response. Discover Magazine also says,

“Conservatives respond to threatening situations with more aggression than do liberals and are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions.”
“So, when faced with an ambiguous situation, conservatives would tend to process the information initially with a strong emotional response. This would make them less likely to lean towards change, and more likely to prefer stability. Stability means more predictability, which means more expected outcomes, and less of a trigger for anxiety.
We have long believed that Liberals are smarter than Conservatives but now we can actually prove it. You know...with science and shit!
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Anecdotal all the way around. 
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Paul T Morrison

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Wolf was just looking for a date. Maybe beer goggles helped. Next thing you know, Coywolf.
It is rare for a new animal species to emerge in front of scientists’ eyes. But this seems to be happening in eastern North America
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Javier Monzón, who worked until recently at Stony Brook University in New York state (he is now at Pepperdine University, in California) studied the genetic make-up of 437 of the animals, in ten north-eastern states plus Ontario. He worked out that, though coyote DNA dominates, a tenth of the average coywolf’s genetic material is dog and a quarter is wolf.

Tried a few scholar searches, found a Monzón paper but the details are still missing or I am just missing these percents. Anyone have a link that supports this? 10% dog, 25% wolf, so 65% coyote.

The Monzón paper used SNP panels and did some comparisons to the mitochondrial data that were done.
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Paul T Morrison

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But it's non-GMO free range escherichia coli.

#GMO   #Chipotle  
Chipotle Closes 43 Stores Amid E.Coli Outbreak
There's been no word as to which ingredient is to blame for the outbreak.
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Chipotle exploding bloody diarrhea has spread east to now six states. I think they might need to rethink their position of embracing non-science and the no GMO and go the other direction.

I'm not eating in the Chipotle at Harvard Medical School until a banner is stretched across the roof, "Science! It works!"

The upside of mass produced food is it is mass tested. Mass produced food like Chipotle that is not mass tested might be a big bloody mistake.
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Paul T Morrison

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GMOs explained in a quick read. After you read it explain to me why you still insist on a "GMO label". Give a reason. Besides, "right to know". Right to know what? The label tells you nothing.

#GMO   #GMOs   #righttoknow  
No new crop is risk free. While more regulated than any other crop, biotech crops (GMOs) do not pose any more risk than their traditional counterparts. Artificial selection alters the genetic makeup of plants and animals to exhibit traits that are not naturally theirs, involving the selection of ...
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To the extent that these products offer the end user some specific benefit (compared to the competition), they should be marked accordingly.

That's the general source of the problem, I think: treating those end users like they don't matter - it's only the large industrial farmers that matter.

Having the chemical industry as the poster child for biotech has not been a great idea.  They've pretty much painted themselves into a corner, and now want scientists to bail them out.  First impressions are important.
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Paul T Morrison

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Has anyone figured out an actual positive attribute to the new Google Plus? Can you post a link or a photo in a comment? No? Are you kidding me? You flip and recolorize the whole entire G+ so that I find it hard to post to one circle but do you actually add some benefit?

Has anyone seen a new feature that is good?
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See my 1st reply. 
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Paul T Morrison

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"It was a complete surprise - I jumped up and down when we got the Wallis formula out of equations for the hydrogen atom," said Friedmann.

I love this kind of math mostly because I am too stupid to do anything but do a , "wow, you did what?"  but I read it through a couple of times and can almost see why Friedman is jumping up and down. An old formula using ratios to define pi is used to explain the electrons whizzing around a hydrogen atom. 

Maybe you could explain it on a blackboard while mopping the floors at MIT. How do you like them apples?
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I am SO glad
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Paul T Morrison

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Knock knock.
Ciaooooooo O__O...
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Paul T Morrison

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They think? No, they don't think.
If global warming is a hoax ... … then why was this September globally the hottest September on record by a substantial margin? … then why were seven of th
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Has to be Poe. Only Poe has the answer to all the questions.
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Paul T Morrison

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GMOs explained in a quick read. After you read it explain to me why you still insist on a "GMO label". Give a reason. Besides, "right to know". Right to know what? The label tells you nothing.

#GMO   #GMOs   #righttoknow  
No new crop is risk free. While more regulated than any other crop, biotech crops (GMOs) do not pose any more risk than their traditional counterparts. Artificial selection alters the genetic makeup of plants and animals to exhibit traits that are not naturally theirs, involving the selection of ...
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+Paul T Morrison exactly.  I might not mind the idea of a label so much except for the idea that a huge majority of the US population wouldn't have a clue what it really meant anyway, and it would only become another weapon for the organic crowd.  So basically....there's not a good reason for it.

Now, if we could force labeling of all the food that was created using irradiation and chemical mutagenesis along with the GMO labeling, THEN maybe I'd be all for a label!  :-)  Because wouldn't it be fun if all the organic fans were actually forced to see those labels every time they bought their "all-natural" foods?  Yeah baby!
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When Will Genomics Cure Cancer?

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Amazing place. Rare photo of Seldom Seen with my daughter.
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Fresh fish, shrimp, clams, and all sorts of premade stuff like crab cakes (very tasty) shrimp cakes. Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Spice for the native shrimp, powdered Wasabi for the tuna and salmon that is so fresh just eat it raw on the ride home. This is across the street from the Cape Ann Brewery. Good combo is Fisherman's IPA with the native shrimp. You can get them with the heads on.
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These guys will bend over backwards to find you the part you need and their prices are cheaper than going over the bridge to the Apple Store.
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Bodin Historic Photo is an eclectic mix of fine art, fine crafts, fine doo-dads. If you are ever trying to get that one gift for the person who has everything you will find something at Bodin's. Old historic maps, historic photos that have been redone from the original glass negatives, beautifly framed. Even if you are a skeptic you'll walk out of there with a print of the Gloucester Sea Serpent. In the heart of the West End of Gloucester. Tons of cool shops and restaurants.
• • •
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Around 400 feet north on 103 on the right is the famous rock: "Chicken Farmer I still love you."
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The beers are top notch. The fish and chips, fisherman's platter, the haddock sandwich, they do one of the tastiest fried fish (usually haddock) around. You're in Gloucester and you're getting fresh fish.Rest of the menu is decent too I just gravitate to the fresh fish. They make their own fries and potato chips. Wicked. Gets loud when packed but service even when crowded is quick and friendly. Take out growlers. Bring the empties back! Great deal.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Washed dishes in the Kidd back in 1975. I remember twice when the bouncers kicked people out. One came back with his motorcycle to the end of the bar and back. the other must have been a tree surgeon as he brought back a chainsaw and cut the door down the middle. I'm sure the bar has changed since then. The food was OK. The after hours party was the best.
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