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I could easily explain why this is happening but I would sound European and no one would listen.
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Please explain. Would love to hear/learn.
Is this for real?

Because it would certainly explain things that puzzle me about US politics...
Not a proper study, completely anecdotal, but every single person who fits the description that I have ever talked to also plays the lottery every day. My theory is that poor white Americans vote to tax the middle class and vehemently oppose taxes for the top one percent richest Americans because they believe they will soon be rich. I would call it the "Joe the Plumber Syndrome" if I wanted to write a book about it. When Joe met Obama on the street he said he owned a plumbing business that was being taxed because of all the money he made. But he didn't own a plumbing business. He was unemployed. But he was vehemently angry about how Obama would tax his huge earnings which happened to not exist but in his mind it was going to happen really soon.

So I guess my hypothesis is that poor white Republicans suffer from delusions. Is it delusions of grandeur? And why does there seem to be such an uptick in these delusions? I've got some guesses about that but there is no way I'm going out on that limb.
+Paul T Morrison

My theory is that poor white Americans vote to tax the middle class and vehemently oppose taxes for the top one percent richest Americans because they believe they will soon be rich

I have the same hypothesis, but I would call it "Amercan Dream delusion", if you want to get a little paranoid I kinda believe that the "american dream: rags to rich" was invented by the wealthy as "bread and circus" for the poor to keep them voting in their favor and pit them against the sustainer middle class.
I'm pretty sure "The Smew" is a Canadian version of The Onion and therefore completely satirical. That being said, there seems to be some truth in the humor. I myself do not understand why the poor in this country continually vote the way they do.
You're talking about the myth of meritocracy:

And when GOP comer Senator Marco Rubio of Florida taking another stab at finding the upside in a country in which the myth of meritocracy has given way to a shockingly widening gap between the rich and the poor, explained that when Americans drive through rich neighbourhoods, “they don’t say we hate the people who live in these nice houses, they say congratulations on your nice house and guess what? We will be joining you here soon”, Mr. Stewart smirked: “There’s nothing that rich people like more than poor people circling their neighbourhood at night saying we will be joining you soon.”

Voting against one's immediate self-interest for the good of the country as a whole would be a selfless act, as in "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather, what you can do for your country."

Unfortunately, this appears to be yet another example of people who should have remained silent and been thought of as fools opening their mouths and removing all doubt.

Credits to John F. Kennedy and Mark Twain
The eternal light almost went out as JFK just rolled in his grave for you butchering his sentiments.
+James Karaganis That how would a good line to say to the friends and what not "I love my country".

People vote for what they feel would be in their best interest instead of what reasonable what could be better for them (it does help when they´re terrified with words like "welfare", "communism", "socialism")

At least the poor in my country seems to voting with internal logic, even if must of the time the result are detrimental to everybody (except the wealthy since they´re above such things)
I'm starting to wonder what some of you all would consider "in their best interest" when it comes to the poor.

Is it "in their best interest" to vote for those with an ideology that basically "degrade" them by continually pandering to their "needs" by expanding the ever increasing government dole. Or is it "in their best interest" to vote for someone who's ideology is closer to the "myth of meritocracy" and would instead prefer temporary assistance with incentive to move up?

The poor do not need more things or money given to them, they need more incentive and guidence given to them. And only given to them so that they too can eventually give back of their own accord, or "pay it forward."

As for Kennedy's quote, what do you think that it means?
As for Kennedy's quote, what do you think that it means?

My take would be that JFK was asking you to volunteer. Since he created the Peace Corp by executive order only two months later from his inaugural address I believe the Peace Corp would be a very good example of exactly what he meant. And since the Peace Corp is run on taxes his secondary message I think would be, if you cannot volunteer then pay your fair share of taxes. Hard to say but I think JFK would be dumbfounded to know that the percentage that corporations pay today is half what they paid in 1960.
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