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Do you like weather sites?

Weatherspark was posted on G+ a week ago and it is the coolest weather site out there. It's complicated because it does so much but a few minutes checking out the graphs, pulling in past history or future forecasts and this thing is the bomb. I can go back and relive the Halloween storm of last year complete with clouds moving in, rain totals by the hour, wind speed, which direction, everything.

Older than 2007 and the data gets thinner but they might just be getting started pulling in the info.
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Well, looks like my morning is gone.
This is probably the most useful thing to me that I've seen all week.
Oh, this thing is cool! And useful for my job. Thanks for posting it.
The stuff in it is never ending but my best quick tip: it is very interactive. Find a past history by moving the slider bottom right back and forth. Now CLICK and DRAG across the timespan on the right to select. Now you can play that timespan over on the left.
Haven't been to WeatherSpark in a while. I've been using WeatherUnderground to keep an eye on developing systems when necessary (or when I'm just curious).
Yup +Phos FourDots WeatherUnderground will always be in my quick menu. Their "Wundermap" view of incoming storms seems surreal when you blow it up and can really figure out to within 5 minutes when you are going to get whacked by the deluge.
Yeek! Flash! I'll start using it more when HTML5/JS/CSS is fully utilized instead.
The site is beginning to look its age, although they are planning improvements. This is fantastic!
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