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Nectaroscordum bulgaricum
One of my favourite 'onions'.
Formally Allium Siculum, this beauty reaches nearly a metre and has flowers with the most subtle shades of bruise!
After it has flowered the fabulously shaped straw coloured seed heads turn upwards and are just as beautiful as the flowers.
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Fantastic! I have never seen anything like these. Except of course, the time when I was lying on my back on the grass and some mysterious person dangled a bouquet of tulips upside down over my face. This shot is kind of otherworldy...I feel I could climb the stalk!
Hehe! Good morning Giselle, how are things on your stoop this morning?
They are Clare, very unlike those great big drumstick types that all those trendy garden designers favour! They have a delicious sublety.
Good morning +Paul Stickland and +Clare Dymond! Very lovely, thank you very much, Paul. I made two more flower pots (purple) to add to the mix, because I am certifiably crazy. My husband wonders whether or not I am going to simply line the entire road with them (and our a bank account). I said, "Well, if I did, maybe it would become a "thing...." and cars of people would start driving by to the the street lined with flower pots that the nutty wife in KY has lined her street with and then we can charge a toll.

I actually like the idea of people designing flower pots for charity. What charity I have no idea. But I like the thought of doing it.
I love the way that in Italy and Greece, every available container is used, old olive oil containers, tin cans etc. they look so wonderful. I've just emptied my tulips out of their pots and am filling them with chocolate flowers, cosmos atrosanguineum and deepest purple petunias, oh and cosmidium, which I am going to succeed with this year!
I am hopeless. I cannot remember their fancy names. I like Tulip. Petunia. Rose. Lilac. WHAT IS A COSMIDIUM? A sinus spray no doubt.
Cosmidium is a delightful, airy dahlia relative, with the finest foliage and small yellow flowers with a dark chocolate blotch at the base of each petal, wonderful in a container if you can give it enough heat.
Clare you are so lucky, you have the maritime influence there, you must be able to grow some great stuff. I used to live on The Isle of Wight as a teenager and the possibilities there were amazing. I lived just up from the Sub Tropical Botanic Gardens in Ventnor and even then I was really turned on to amazing plants.
I love these. I think at some point I want to have a small house (Like The Tumbleweed House Company small) with a "goth" themed garden.
Oh yes, that would be fun Brenna! Black hollyhocks and petunias, deep purple hellebores, fritillaries, snowdrops... oh the possibilities!
I am going to be such a strange Grandma. ^_^

I do like to cook though, I suppose it could even things out.
Be a while yet though, still working on the children part. Is it weird that I am kind of looking forward to the next bit already? I suspect grandchildren are even more fun, being that you can get them riled up and send them home. ;p
Don't hurry it up too much Brenna. I have boys of 28, 18, 17 and 17, so there is a chance that it will happen at some stage. Hopefully just one of those!
LoL yes hopefully not 17. I have a bit of a spead between the oldest and the rest. Nearly 15, nearly five, three and a half, nearly two and one on the way... so probably quite some time from now.
You should be ok for a while :) I have a 10 yr old and also a three year old daughter, so I think I have you there on spread! Still thinking of dark plants!
Blood Oranges, Black Krim Tomatoes, Purple Dragon Carrots, Black Beauty Zucchini. Dracula Orchids ;p
Wonderful, gloomy gardens! Sounds like an Edward Gorey book!
Is this the alium that if you crush the flowers you get the most powerfull diesel sulphur smell that burns your nose and you can it smell for half an hour afterwards?