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Gardens, Gardeners, Gardening Circle
If you love gardening, plants, garden design please do leave a comment to be included in this circle.
#gardens #gardening #gardeners #plants #botany #flora #flowers
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would I be able to ask lots of questions in a circle like this when i get stuck? I am new to gardening and don't really have a clue..
Thanks for the inclusion. Now, I have more people added to my gardening circle...thanks.
Many thanks for including me +Paul Stickland! I've had to cut back a bit on G+ to attend to the Stuff of Life, but I'm looking forward to interacting with the gardening crowd as time allows here in Mommyland . . .
Gardening is my perfect compensation after a hard day at the office
today I shared a post with your tag, I would love to be added for the next sharing in this circle, thanks :)
Hi! You are all in now, please do suggest any other passionate gardeners too!