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What happens if you spin an artichoke at 500rpm and film it bathed in stroboscopic light? 
John Edmark has created amazing Stobe-Animated 'Blooms', sculptures which illustrate the way that Fibonacci numbers occur and are the basis for so many natural objects. 
Fantastic examples of his sculptures here: 
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I've posted about this project before and as each new plan and model is unveiled it's looking better than ever.
"With Sir David Attenborough as patron, excitement is building about this amazing project on Portland in Dorset UK.

In incredible detail, the scale model shows how visitors will walk through a lost world of strange plants, Araucarias, cycads and ferns, the living fossils of the botanical word ruled by reptiles and with a climate very different to that of today.

Under a translucent roof designed by architect Renzo Piano, visitors will walk onto a seashore littered with shells – not of today’s limpets and cockles, but of ammonites and the large Jurassic oysters that lived in the tropical seas, lagoons and beaches in which the rocks that now form Dorset were laid down.

The Jurassic Cove will not be a theme park display, but a spectacular and precise snapshot in time that will bring the heritage of the Jurassic Cove to life for the first time. Dorset – or rather the rocks that formed it – was a wildly different place to today, 150 million years ago. These rocks – the limestones, clays, sands and chalks of the county – were formed close to the equator in an almost unrecognisable world. What we are trying to do is to bring home just what a strange and alien planet Earth was back then.” 

Can't wait! 

#dinosaurs #jurassic #jurassica #dorset #portland #fossils #weymouth #paleontology
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His brother, Lord Dickie, had some success with his Jurassic Park too.
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Dinosaurs in Bovey Tracey! 
I turned up to talk to the elder good folk of Bovey Tracey about children's books and Dinosaur Roar last week and what do I spot across the road from their amazing social club?? 
Santa's looking a little concerned.
I think he's spotted an asteroid...

#DinosaurRoar  #Dinosaurs #BoveyTracey #Devon @lifesizemodels
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Pop Up Fun with Tabitha in Winstone's Bookshop in Sidmouth yesterday.

#DinosaurRoar   #PopUpBooks  
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You're very expressive ;-)
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Paul Stickland

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Unwanted Ads - Help Please! 
I'm getting unwanted ads appearing above the header and below the footer on all my blogger sites but also on many other websites. 
Can anyone see these ads here? > 
I'm not sure whether this is a blogger problem or whether I've picked up some adware or malware here.
I get the problem on all browsers ( all extensions disabled), on all devices in the house. Adblock removes them. Chrome doesn't seem to show the content but placeholders still push my content down. 
I've disabled Adsense on the site above.
The ad link urls are all 
Any ideas? Thanks!
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Check your proxy settings both on your pc and router. It's not normal to have proxy turned on at home but some routers do it anyway. 
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Dinosaurs love Books!  Of course they do...
I've been rummaging about in my bulging plan chest and dusty lofts full of boxes, trying to find all the early rough drawings, text ideas and snippets that led towards the creation of all my children's dinosaur books such as Dinosaur Roar! and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. 
I'm donating it all to the National Centre for Children's Books, Seven Stories in Newcastle. They have a growing and amazing archive of children's book illustration, artwork and author's texts. I'm really honored to have my work amidst a wonderful array of children's writers and authors. They have all Judith Kerr's work, every last drawing. 
It's been quite a nostalgic couple of days, rediscovering it all. Each drawing and scribbled text idea carries with it a slew of memories, in the way that a sketchbook will record the unspoken and unrecorded. 
Must get on, I'm still surrounded by mounds of paper and they'll be here soon to take it all away. 
Here are the books:

#childrensbooks #illustration   #illustrator #author #drawing   #sketching   #dorset   #blandford   #dinosaurs   #DinosaurRoar  
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Mind you a Coatimundi looks pretty cool.
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Monster Pops and Dinosaur Draws!
Only a few days to go before I start a World Book Day tour of the UK.
Three weeks of Monster Pop Up Workshops and Dinosaur Roar! Drawing in schools from Stoke on Trent to Portsmouth, London to  Stockton on Tees, Birmingham to Westonzoyland!  
Hooray for Anne Marley at Authors Aloud UK who is doing such a wonderful job of organising this all for me. 

If you would like a monster pop up workshop or some friendly roaring dinosaurs at your school, library or festival, please do contact Anne here  ▶  

#childrensbooks   #popupbooks   #DinosaurRoar   #dinosaurs  #kids #kidscrafts #WorldBookDay  
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Thanks Gary, appreciate your kind words.
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Paul Stickland

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Hand tested by fish...
Loving the new DJ Headphones over at the Funny Fish Store!
Here ▶ 

#FunnyFish    #fish   #dj    
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Paul Stickland

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I get some great feedback after my school visits, events and workshops. Lots of lovely dinosaur drawings and pop ups, all sorts.
I've just opened a big envelope and inside I found over 50 letters from the lovely Year 2 children of St. Mary's Primary School in Bridgewater.
Beautifully and individually written, how lovely!
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...and a thousand little pop up monsters!
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Paul Stickland

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+Rowan Stickland has been building boats. Fantastic work!
And here she is with the canvas oiled and the cover strips added.
Just a few more coats of oil and I can test her out! 
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Ah I shall have to look them up! traditional Scandinavian boat building is my new fascination and there was probably a big influence up where you are.
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The Cloud House - An Abandoned Welsh Farmhouse
"With its dusty old furniture, littered with the remnants of a bygone age, this farmhouse looks like a museum exhibit.
Except the jacket casually slung across the back of a bedstead is not an artfully prepared replica of a lost life but the real deal.
The stone-built farmhouse was abandoned decades ago in a remote location in Mid Wales, with only its contents bearing witness to the lives of its former owners."
Great photographs from Dan Circa.
See more here

#abandoned #wales #interiors  
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Quite haunted....
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Affinity Photo - Photoshop Alternative? 
Loks interesting and about time.
Download the beta for free here  
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I've downloaded the free beta to try it. 
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Artist, Author, Designer, Events for Kids
Illustration, Characters, Silly Verse, Design, Web, Working with and empowering children, Author Events, Pop Up Workshops, Public Speaking, Photoshop, Bass Player, Gardener
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Being creative, engaging and empowering kids
Artist, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Paper Engineer. 
I post my work live on G+. 
Most of it. A great deal of work in the last year has been secret, you'll have to wait for that later this year!
I started 'working out loud' on google+ in July 2011 and it's been a very interesting journey. Being an artist and sharing my illustration and art on google+ is a unique experience. Much of work that I have created in that time has in some way been crowd-edited by the experience of meeting so many diverse, thoughtful and intelligent people here. Their comments, company, humor and the glimpses into their worlds and disciplines have been incredible gifts. 
On my profile I post my about my work, art and design, the world of paper and pop up books, children's books and working with children in schools and libraries, music, gardens and landscape. Dog and daughter, sons and sunshine! 

2014 has seen the 20th Anniversary republishing of my bestselling children's dinosaur books by Random House, an artist residency at Seven Stories in Newcastle, appearences at literary, music and children's festivals, in schools and libraries all over the UK, it's been great fun! Not to forget the creation of a 3 metre high Dinosaur Roar mouth!
Much of that is on my G+ profile and more here Paul Stickland Blog

StrangeStore on Google+ is where I post all my new products, promotional experiments and links to my various stores and goods!

Principally known for my work as the creator, author, illustrator and designer of children's picture and pop up books, including many bestselling books, such as:
 - Dinosaur Roar - The Christmas Bear - Ten Terrible Dinosaurs - Big Dig - Truck Jam - One Bear One Dog - Dinosaurs Galore - A Number of Dinosaurs...
2014 sees the long awaited republishing of Dinosaur Roar! and Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Random House. This is part of a very exciting collaboration with Nurture Rights and The Natural History Museum in London. 

This has become a wonderful part of my job and probably my favourite. I've been working with children of all ages for the last twenty years sharing my passion for children's literature and creativity via the medium of children's picture and pop up books, giving author visits and pop-up book workshops for children of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. 
It's a great privilege and I've had the pleasure to meet and work with children in schools, libraries and at many of the major UK Literary Festivals and Music Festivals, in Europe and the US. I often post about this fascinating part of my life on G+ and have had so much very positive feedback. 
If you would like to enquire about an Author Event or Pop Up Workshop, please visit the Paul Stickland Author Visits and Workshops page on my website, or contact me directly here. 

PopUpPaper is my pop up book and paper engineering blog. It features the work of some amazing paper engineers. Pop up books, paper folding, papercraft, paper art, paper toys, origamic architecture, free pop up templates, free pop up card templates, free papertoys, everything paper! 

I live in rural south west of England in Sherborne, Dorset, England with the beautiful bookseller and sensational songwriter  +Helen Stickland , our lovely little daughter Tabitha and my four wonderful sons, Felix, Kit, Gus, Arthur. 
My eldest wonderful and talented son Rowan Stickland lives in Totnes, Devon. 

 Please note, unless credited otherwise, all images, posted on my profile or any of the pages above are ©paul stickland and all rights are reserved. However if you are interested in using any image, do ask!
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