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Paul Stickland
Being creative, engaging and empowering kids
Being creative, engaging and empowering kids


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Black Shed Cut Flower Farm is born!
Helen and I decided to expand our flower growing activities after a fantastic year in 2016. We have an incredible site and wonderful supportive partners, so the fun is about to begin.
It already has, we have approx 4000 plants and 500 dahlias waiting to go in to our carefully prepared plot!
Keep an eye on our progress on Instagram
#blackshed #flowerfarm #flowerfarming #flowerfarmer

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Great video about paper engineer and pop up book maestro, Matthew Reinhart. I share his obvious joy at the magic of pop up books!
This video gives you a glimpse behind the pages at some of the best pop up book secrets!
If you are a fan of pop up books and paper engineering, do check out my blog and look at all the other amazing pop up posts in this Google Collection.


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Been having fun building dinosaurs...
Created to help publicise the new M&Co range of Dinosaur Roar! children's clothing here in the UK.
Nearly finished a mini tour of the UK visiting loads of schools all over the UK. Wish I could have had this with me but it wouldn't fit in the train...

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Very pleased to say that Macmillan Children's Books have just published a wonderful new edition of my children's dinosaur book, Ten Terrible Dinosaurs.

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Bought a really cheap macro lens for my Nexus 5X. Happy!
Colocasia esculenta, a tuber from the souk in Sharjah.

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As the madness mounts, I had to get out in the beautiful countryside that surrounds us here on the Dorset/Somerset borders. This hill lies in a valley between Corton Denham Beacon, Parrock Hill and Cadbury Castle. Hallowed ground indeed.
For more of our lives here, please do follow us over on Instagram.

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Some highlights from 2016.
It's been an amazing year, I've met and worked with literally thousands of kids in schools libraries and festivals all over the UK and abroad and been involved in some truly amazing art and music projects. Helen has had a fantastic year with her bands DESIGN and The Chesterfields and all my wonderful creative and idiosyncratic children are blossoming in their various careers.
Rowan creating yet more amazing architectural structures, Felix, now a very busy gigging guitarist, now in China for 5 months, Gus studying drawing at Camberwell, Kit accepted into the National Youth Theatre, Arthur turning into a Viking and Tabitha getting on well at school and continuing to hone her gardening skills.

Which is useful because this next year sees us expanding our cut flower business big time. We had such a fantastic reaction to the images that I posted on Instagram, with florists and event designers flocking to buy our exquisite dahlias. So we have decided to expand this joyful side of our lives. 2017 will see us creating our very own Flower Farm here in Sherborne Dorset UK. I'm very excited about this!

As G+ dwindles in my affections, Instagram has stepped in and I can honestly say that it has been life changing. I spend almost all my social media time there now, so if you'd like to catch up with our colourful lives and join in the fun please do join me there in 2017

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I've just returned from the UAE, where I've been working with the children of the region at the Sharjah Book Fair. I've met and worked with hundreds of delightful, inspiring children from, amongst other places, Iran, AbuDhabi, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Russia, Ukraine and Sharjah itself.
Fascinating to get a glimpse into lives so different in some ways and so similar in others.
I was especially delighted to visit this amazing Yayoi Kasuma installation in the Sharjah Art Foundation. Absolutely amazing art in a fantastic series of modern galleries in the heart of old Sharjah.

PS. I rarely post here these days, please do come and follow me on Instagram.

#Sharjah #SharjahArtFoundation #UAE +Sharjah Art Foundation

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Why do we look to politicians to improve our lives? They very rarely do.
The most important and long lasting changes have been made by engineers, scientists, botanists, artists, writers, doctors, nurses, teachers, librarians, our friends, families and in this case our Mum, @loustickland and your Grandmother, @rowanstickland, @_stickland and @augustus_stickland, Felix, Kit and Tabitha. A life dedicated to children, making a real difference to not just our lives but many, many others. We all have the power to instigate change for the better, we all have the power to make a better world.
We don't need to look to others to improve things, we can do it ourselves.

Drawing by my Grandfather, Geoffrey Squire, a true inspiration to me.
#change #inspiration #art #artists #ordinarypeople #betterworld #families #family #friends #teachers #empower #improve #onestepatatime #smallchanges #education #teach #share #inspire #aspire #improve #engineer #design #scientist #doctor #librarian #writer

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