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Some highlights from 2016.
It's been an amazing year, I've met and worked with literally thousands of kids in schools libraries and festivals all over the UK and abroad and been involved in some truly amazing art and music projects. Helen has had a fantastic year with her bands DESIGN and The Chesterfields and all my wonderful creative and idiosyncratic children are blossoming in their various careers.
Rowan creating yet more amazing architectural structures, Felix, now a very busy gigging guitarist, now in China for 5 months, Gus studying drawing at Camberwell, Kit accepted into the National Youth Theatre, Arthur turning into a Viking and Tabitha getting on well at school and continuing to hone her gardening skills.

Which is useful because this next year sees us expanding our cut flower business big time. We had such a fantastic reaction to the images that I posted on Instagram, with florists and event designers flocking to buy our exquisite dahlias. So we have decided to expand this joyful side of our lives. 2017 will see us creating our very own Flower Farm here in Sherborne Dorset UK. I'm very excited about this!

As G+ dwindles in my affections, Instagram has stepped in and I can honestly say that it has been life changing. I spend almost all my social media time there now, so if you'd like to catch up with our colourful lives and join in the fun please do join me there in 2017

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Thank so so much +Jodi Kaplan and +Denise Baxter Yoder, it's going to be interesting! Surrounded by planting plans and seed catalogues! I'll try and post here a bit more often!

Paul Stickland

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+Jayme Hancock they have that quality don't they!

Paul Stickland

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Landscape of Dahlias
I adore the rich, velvety sumptuousness of the dahlia. We grow loads and are quite overwhelmed right now. In fact we have just delivered our first order of 120 stems to a very funky local florist. Interesting turn of events!
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Thanks all! This is just a fraction of the varieties we have. I just can't resist playing with them with my artist's eye, those colours and textures!

Paul Stickland

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Our house is being overwhelmed by dahlias! Helen gave me over 30 new varieties from the National Dahlia Collection for Christmas, so I am now in seventh heaven!
For those of you who care, we have clockwise from top left:
Lucky Number, Goyas Venus, Karma Fuschiana, Karma Lagoon, Corton Bess, Balcombe Purple and Rossendale Luke.
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Worth heavily mulching them. Works best in light soils. Not clay.

Paul Stickland

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The wonderful, productive and delicious kitchen gardens of Ollie Hutson at The Pig Hotel nr Bath. Created by boutique hotel geniuses, Robin and Judy Hutson, The Pig was the setting for a fun and extremely delicious school reunion. Incredible and special to sit in a room full of people, such as Robin, whom you last saw when you were sixteen.
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+C.J. Shane yup. The are several others hotels in the Pig chain, all with fantastic kitchen gardens, a real treat for the senses!

Paul Stickland

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I've just returned from the UAE, where I've been working with the children of the region at the Sharjah Book Fair. I've met and worked with hundreds of delightful, inspiring children from, amongst other places, Iran, AbuDhabi, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Russia, Ukraine and Sharjah itself.
Fascinating to get a glimpse into lives so different in some ways and so similar in others.
I was especially delighted to visit this amazing Yayoi Kasuma installation in the Sharjah Art Foundation. Absolutely amazing art in a fantastic series of modern galleries in the heart of old Sharjah.

PS. I rarely post here these days, please do come and follow me on Instagram.

#Sharjah #SharjahArtFoundation #UAE +Sharjah Art Foundation 
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+Rupert Wood Hi Rupert, yup having fun and noting that Dippy is heading for Dorch!

Paul Stickland

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Why do we look to politicians to improve our lives? They very rarely do.
The most important and long lasting changes have been made by engineers, scientists, botanists, artists, writers, doctors, nurses, teachers, librarians, our friends, families and in this case our Mum, @loustickland and your Grandmother, @rowanstickland, @_stickland and @augustus_stickland, Felix, Kit and Tabitha. A life dedicated to children, making a real difference to not just our lives but many, many others. We all have the power to instigate change for the better, we all have the power to make a better world.
We don't need to look to others to improve things, we can do it ourselves.

Drawing by my Grandfather, Geoffrey Squire, a true inspiration to me.
#change #inspiration #art #artists #ordinarypeople #betterworld #families #family #friends #teachers #empower #improve #onestepatatime #smallchanges #education #teach #share #inspire #aspire #improve #engineer #design #scientist #doctor #librarian #writer
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+Paul Stickland​! Love when you share your grandfather's work. 

Paul Stickland

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It's been an extraordinary summer, a more extraordinary year. Something's up
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+Ellie Kennard thanks! We're embarking on a colourful adventure...

Paul Stickland

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Design playing an utterly magical set at Eype Church on the coast of Dorset last thursday. Spellbinding.
The dahlias were grown on our allotment and carefully transported down to the coast, before returning to do duty at a Day of the Dead party in Sherborne the next night.
Especially for +Denise Baxter Yoder x
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Paul Stickland

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So this is what it looks like on our dining table today...
Preparing for an installation at the start of Bridport Open Studios, at Eype Church on the coast of Dorset on August 18th.
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Fantastic +Denise Baxter Yoder. I'll post a photo.

Paul Stickland

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Dinosaur Roar! in Mothercare!
Today sees the launch of a brand new range of Dinosaur Roar! children's clothing from Mothercare, shown here at The Natural History Museum in London. A percentage of all sales goes to the NHM, which I'm very proud of, given how much inspiration the museum has given me over the years!
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Thanks both! Its been a crazy busy year so far but I haven't had a hand in this. The team at Nurture have been working very hard on the clothing and much more.

Paul Stickland

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Dinosaurs in Matlock at The Big Book Bash!
Driving up to Derbyshire for a big author event with children in care in the county on Sunday.
First there is the small matter of an old school reunion... There'll be a few old dinosaurs there too!
One of the illustrations and the rough version from Dinosaur Roar!
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Absolutely. It's just down the hill. 
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Being creative, engaging and empowering kids
Artist, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Paper Engineer. 
I post my work live on G+. 
Most of it. A great deal of work in the last year has been secret, you'll have to wait for that later this year!
I started 'working out loud' on google+ in July 2011 and it's been a very interesting journey. Being an artist and sharing my illustration and art on google+ is a unique experience. Much of work that I have created in that time has in some way been crowd-edited by the experience of meeting so many diverse, thoughtful and intelligent people here. Their comments, company, humor and the glimpses into their worlds and disciplines have been incredible gifts. 
On my profile I post my about my work, art and design, the world of paper and pop up books, children's books and working with children in schools and libraries, music, gardens and landscape. Dog and daughter, sons and sunshine! 

2014 and 2015 have seen the republishing of my bestselling children's dinosaur books. This is part of a very exciting collaboration with Nurture Rights and The Natural History Museum in London. 
A very busy couple of years where I travelled all over the UK, worked in the International School In Amsterdam, had an artist residency at Seven Stories in Newcastle, run a community project 'BugStore' with four schools in our local area an innumrable appearances at literary, music and children's festivals, in schools and libraries all over the UK, it's been great fun! 
Not to forget the creation of a 3 metre high Dinosaur Roar mouth!
Much of that is on my G+ profile and more here Paul Stickland Blog

StrangeStore on Google+ is where I post all my new products, promotional experiments and links to my various stores and goods!

Principally known for my work as the creator, author, illustrator and designer of children's picture and pop up books, including many bestselling books, such as:
 - Dinosaur Roar - The Christmas Bear - Ten Terrible Dinosaurs - Big Dig - Truck Jam - One Bear One Dog - Dinosaurs Galore - A Number of Dinosaurs...

This has become a wonderful part of my job and probably my favourite. I've been working with children of all ages for the last twenty years sharing my passion for children's literature and creativity via the medium of children's picture and pop up books, giving author visits and pop-up book workshops for children of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs. 
It's a great privilege and I've had the pleasure to meet and work with children in schools, libraries and at many of the major UK Literary Festivals and Music Festivals, in Europe and the US. I often post about this fascinating part of my life on G+ and have had so much very positive feedback. 
If you would like to enquire about an Author Event or Pop Up Workshop, please visit the Paul Stickland Author Visits and Workshops page on my website, or contact me directly here. 

PopUpPaper is my pop up book and paper engineering blog. It features the work of some amazing paper engineers. Pop up books, paper folding, papercraft, paper art, paper toys, origamic architecture, free pop up templates, free pop up card templates, free papertoys, everything paper! 

I live in rural south west of England in Sherborne, Dorset, England with the beautiful bookseller and sensational songwriter  +Helen Stickland , our lovely little daughter Tabitha and my four wonderful sons, Felix, Kit, Gus, Arthur. 
My eldest wonderful and talented son Rowan Stickland lives in Totnes, Devon. 

 Please note, unless credited otherwise, all images, posted on my profile or any of the pages above are ©paul stickland and all rights are reserved. However if you are interested in using any image, do ask!
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