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A little Saturn
Taken with a 12" LX200r scope and DMK21AU618 camera
Dawn is breaking, must be time for sleep. Good night/morning/afternoon 
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Paul , I must admit , I am always impressed by your work ! Also this one is a nice image , well done !!!
It's fascinating...  Like a distant mountain in the sky... 
Very nice! I need to set my alarm soon to see and try to image Saturn it gets above the trees here about 5:30am.
Seeing must have been fantastic! I can not wait to get some decent seeing, and my first cap of the year of Saturn. By the way nice detail on the Northern storms, try upscaling the lower light colored belt to see it a tad better.
wow....what a great thing to see on my stream this morning :D
Nice contrast in the A and B rings and a well resolved CD, signs of good seeing in a good scope!
Thanks Guys, That was a test image done at 5am in a sleep deprived state. Lots more data to process.
+Mike Phillips +Mitchell Duke is there any tutorials you can recommend on RGB planetary imaging. I now have a filter wheel, still trying to work out how to achieve the best results 
The above site helped me alot and +Mike Phillips tutorials helped the most. I have not typed out my tutorial yet but its hand written. If you need help just send me an instant message.
Very nice!  Out of curiosity, why don't you use Registax for stacking?
+Stuart Forman AutoStakkert seems to work faster, and is easier to automate, plus registax keeps crashing.
Hm.  Crashing isn't good.  It's pretty stable for me.  
+Stuart Forman I like how with AutoStakkert I  can just drag a pile of avis straight in, and it will just crunch away at them without any user interaction, Great after a good imaging run where I might end up with a hundred avi's :)
Oh, I see.  I've never tried stacking more than one .avi at a time.  I didn't realize you were trying to drag multiple avis.  That makes sense now.  
I have kind of given up on planetary since my FOV is so large.  That's why I've been doing DSO.  I just realized after +Mike Phillips that I just don't have the equipment for it.
hah!  never say die, my 8" gave that latest double transit image!
I realize that--good resolution.  I just don't have an Ha filter.  
+Mike Phillips Oh, I love doing planetary work.  And if I had a scope with better magnification I'd be more into it. 
Well, I can't do anything while the clouds are covering the sky... 
+Mike Phillips how do you get enough light to image with a 5x, with my 2.5x Saturn and Jupiter are just dull blobs, alot of gain (and noise) required.
Saturn =/= Mars...
Mars has a VERY high surface brightness at opposition, not so with Saturn.  I had the PGR at the time, and it helps get the right frame rate/exposure too!
+Mike Phillips I see the need for another planetary imaging hangout tailored to us mere mortals with only limited planetary imaging experience :)  
Yes please. I have the same problem when I magnify things up.
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