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@brettwhite says what the math showed. In Wyoming the population is 585,000ish people, and the state has 3 electoral votes. The city of Los Angeles had a population of over 3.8 million and the entire state of California has 38 million total, but has 55 electoral college votes. It takes a LOT less momentum to swing these small states back and forth than the states with high population urban centers.

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Has anyone else noticed Ivanka Trump pulling away from her father? Almost like she doesn't want to get into the same mess as him...?

Being out in public after Tuesday has been awfully trying. Like, not grabbing every old, white man by the collar and not shaking them, not scream-questioning them "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"


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I think it can be done. Breaking out my good writing pen.

#Election2016 #NotMyPresident
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I'm hung over. Scared for people I don't even know. And just wondering what the point of doing anything is, anymore.

Online I already see people terrified of wearing their hijabs. I'm already seeing that they're right to be scared, because they're being hurt. They were always under threat before, but now? Already? It's turned actionable now.

Out there are people, good, kind, creative and wonderful people relying on the health care system. They're getting POA and wills written up. They don't expect to survive.

I saw a massive spider in its web and had a little freak out - had the strong urge to smash it. Before I could I mastered the impulse because I'm a fucking human being that can think rationally and not just knee-jerk react my way through life.

I guess that means I'm out voted, as of today.


Donate or volunteer to:
American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee -
Planned Parenthood -

Yes, I will probably be fine through all this. Others won't. And I'm not going to be quiet.

Oh boy, I miss drinking. #debatenight

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Set up for 3 player game of Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed.

Stretched out a few hours - longer than we expected cuz we haven't tabled this game in quite a long time.

Yellow, Mentak Coalition, blitzed to Mecatol Rex in the second round using the Warfare strategy card, and camped out, happily.

Red, me, the Winnu, shot up yellow a lot, and took lots of tech, but forgot to check my initial techs and lost out on carrying things in my cruisers and dreadnoughts.

Blue, my spouse, the Sardak N'orr, kind of got lost on how the turns and production worked out, but she shot up yellow quote a bit as well.

Yellow won before end game triggered.

I enjoy this game much. Our group is tiny, so I don't think I'll ever get to experience even a 4p game, let alone 6 or 8. I also realise, that may be ok. 

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I'm with +David C. Frier​​ - running while having to adjust ear buds constantly, sucks. I've gotten +Anker​​ batteries and cables before; they're A+ products. 

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My parents found this (Myst) in the house, and I remember playing it exactly once. No one wanted to play boardgames that weren't 'monopoly.'

I did not live in an enlightened area of the world...

At any rate, it's kind of a territory control game that you define by mashing two matching puzzles together in a race (a la Galaxy Trucker). Then, you move around and take territories from the other player, or take them back. This is all guided by a set of cards that give point values to each location that you were dealt at the beginning.

It's terrible.

Terrible to read. Terrible to play.

It's terrible to LOOK at. It's monochrome, first in purple, and then in blue or green as you lay out the puzzle pieces. Oh, and I can't see blue, and that makes purple a nightmare. Obviously I played green (before you ask, I can see green, but I bet it's not the same colour to me as you, but I can totes identify it).

And I lost because my spouse took the ship landmark on a whim in the last turn, not thinking I needed it, and yet that's where the bulk of my points would have come from. 
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