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Any idea on the SEO implications of communities? I'm assuming there are both public and private ones? Do we know if the public ones are indexed?
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It's very difficult to determine and test this.  I have not seen a public community post show up anywhere in the SERPS yet.  In fact, I've tried by putting phrases in quotes into Google that are on this public community, and I can't get it to show up at all.

That being said, even if community pages do not show up in the SERP, certainly the things they point to will likely be a signal to the almighty G.

Have you seen anything, +Mark Traphagen?
I've seen it through the back door, as it were. I've been able to find posts I've done in public communities in the SERPs, but they were indexed from my profile, not the community. (Posts you do in public communities show up in your profile.)

Other than that, it would be my speculation that being associated with a community could have an effect on your AuthorRank scoring for that topic, once AR is active.
Well belay that. Just searched for the title of one of my posts from my Google Authorship and Author Rank community: "Is Authorship "Risky"? What Isn't that's Worthwhile?"

It came right up in Incognito Google search, and links straight to the public post in the Community. 

So yes, public Community posts can be indexed for Google search.
But choosing a post from another member of that community ("wiki entry highlighted in SERPs") only brings up a search result if I include "google+" in the query, and even then it links to the Community page, not to the individual post.

Which makes me wonder: why did my post get indexed directly but that other member's didn't? This is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder if some sort of AuthorRank is already in effect, at least for G+ posts, since I have far more influence on G+ than that other user does.
Yea I haven't seen anything yet either other then what Mark has been saying.  
Pretty sure that author rank is in place. We should run a test on this group to try to game the algorithm and get some answers
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