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White House Renovation

Safety is my Number One Priority.....?

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I love coming up with new and inventive ways to do what I need to do during this project.
The looks structurally sound. You should be good to go :P
1/ you possess and are obviously using a ladder which is of a sturdy and safe construction, which is in a good state of condition.
2/ you are very unlike most home renovators... you possess a scaffold system that is again , in good condition.
3/ when you're done with that post you have off the scaffold jamming that block up against the roof.. you'll be able to take the aforementioned, now well curved, length of timber... taper the ends... and go into a secondary business of constructing a Bow..... all you need to do then is make an arrow or two.. then decide who to shoot with it
though.. going from your post a month or so back.. I have a fair idea who that could be

Carry on as you were mate.
Note: Handy hammer retaining system on scaffolding.
LOL +Stephen Lord it will become firewood but I like your thinking.

+Lady Fran W it is pretty sound actually. It's the getting to this point that is painful. I should have hired help :)
Who needs help when you have a plastic lawn chair?!
Well spotted on my hammer storage. I lost a pair of pliers down another rung :(

I should invest in a tool belt at some point.
+Paul Snedden in a cowboy outfit and tool belt ... what's your preference; boots or no boots?
I've been known to dress up from time to time, actually ;)
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