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It really is that good :-)
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Thank for the review Paul, I am thinking of getting a Samsung Note later in a month or so and I reckon this piece of software could really cut down on the paper notebooks I cart around daily.
Bugger... It's not compatible with my Galaxy S. :-(
Wow thank you +Paul Snedden I'm going to check this out now. (Whoops. No EVO3D support) How would you compare this to Evernote? 
+Matthew Vickers The GNote has it's own little app for note taking which does a lot of the same things as Papyrus. It also syncs with Evernote and various other apps if needed. Papyrus is a fantastic alternative though, and has a few different tweaks on the stock app. In particular, it's a nice big canvas, and seems to be quite responsive to different pen pressures. I have both installed on my GNote. I'm keen to see which one I preference as time goes on.
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