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I had to use an iPod Touch just recently. It just felt wrong in my hands, and this was after using an iPhone for 2 years. I couldn't help myself, I tried doing things on the iPod that just come naturally on my GNex - like the Menu button, or the Back button. I could never go back to iOS full time.
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you mean an ipod touch? or just normal mp3 ipod?
cuz ipods to me are just mp3 players ;)
Sorry, yeah, iPod Touch :)
yes..whenever i use an ios device as in my ipad..i miss the back button..i miss the quick closing of unnecesary apps..
but really the big big thing is that back button...
also miss widgets..miss the ability to put my folders where i want them.
Yup, all ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I had a "discussion" with someone recently here on G+ about being able to read my email without having to open an app. She said it wasn't possible, which of course it is with the right widget :)
well in ics u can ..but in GB u cant :( do u know of a widget? similar to the ics..
it sucks that the note still is on GB and no leak what so ever for ICS for the N7000 .. :( thats one PLUS feature i like about ICS
I thought a widget IS a application which runs in the background and updates the interface.
+Paul Snedden theres an AOSP as in CM9 kang release for it..but again..kernel used is for the chinese version of the galaxy note which is not the same as the int version of the galaxy note.
theres an ics leaked for the ATT galaxy note ..but again this is different as thats LTE and doesnt run the exynos processor
Ahh cool, I didn't read the article because I don't have the device but I was sure I'd seen something about ICS and the GNote :)
Anything from Apple always feels wrong in my hands ;)
As +Fernando De Leon has indicated, there are a few ICS releases for the GNote floating around, but nothing really suitable for all devices, nor anything that would tempt me to jump in when the official update + premium pack is so close to release. In all honesty, I have found GB works just fine on this device. ICS will offer some nice little features, don't get me wrong, but nothing that's out of the world, drop dead, must have now. My SGS2 had updated to ICS, that'll keep me going for now.

As for iOS devices, I really struggle when I use one. Every now and then I help out my niece on her iPod Touch, pick up my old iPhone, get asked for assistance by someone with the dreaded device. The back button is, by far, the must missed feature. Followed closely by the absolute lack of file management and file-to-app support, and the faux multitasking iOS presents. Nope, there's not a chance in hell I could go back. In fact, should the Bible ever be updated to reflect current day scenarios, I'm pretty sure an eternity in the fires and brimstone of hell, would be replaced by an afterlife where iOS was the only option. :S
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