IBM Ginni Rometty Sharing Future Insights (Video)

A few quotes that stood out:

"The data will be basis of competitive advantage for any organisation that you run... a smarter era"

"Think of data as the next natural resource"

"Embrace 3 principles: 1. It will change how you make #decisions . 2. It will change how you create value. 3. It will change how you deliver value."

“Predictive analytics, not gut instincts”

“Seeing invisible patterns that would normally be invisible”

“It’s not about a technology tool, it’s about mindset and #culture

“It’s necessary for people to unlearn”

“The social network will be the new production line in a company”

#Knowledge works now have access to each other around the clock; that’s what’s different”

“Your value is not what you know, but what you share”

#Future reward will be based upon rating, 5* more reward, 2* less”

“Value will be for individuals not for segments”

“With the arrival of #bigdata, social, mobile, you’ll see the death of the word average”

“It’s no longer about a script it’s about a dialogue”

“Decisions will be made on #predictive analytics and data”

“The challenge is not technology, the challenge is #culture .”

“At the end, it’s all about #competitive advantage”

“This shift will create #authentic organisations”

These notes refer to the first 17 minutes of her keynote, it is worth also watching the Q&A afterwards for deeper insights.

Thanks to +Thomas Power for the original share.
beware 58 minutes but absolutely superb CEO of IBM who is totally #ORS  Ginni Rometty gets the new world better than most #IBM   #Accenture   #KPMG   #capgemini   #CSC   #Deloitte   #PWC   #Logica   #ernstandyoung  7 Mar 2013
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