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lol why?
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Do I need to say this one more time?  Well, it can't hurt:

all successful digital marketing efforts are based on cat pictures.

Big +1 to +Rishi Lakhani for this (and a bonus +1 for the 418 - I was totally prepared to have to call Rishi out for its omission, but nope - he nailed it).  H/t to +Paul Shapiro for the tweeted link.

#httpstatuscode   #cats   #marketing  
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Paul Shapiro

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If there was no Coffee in the world...
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Coffee can prevent occurrences such as these +Paul Shapiro 
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The Devil Is Real, and He Made a Song About Social Media Marketing


Thanks +Matthew Marley for destroying my mind.
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Sorry +Paul Shapiro :)
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Rooster: The Google Traffic Powered Alarm Clock (alpha release)

Would you use this?
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Paul Shapiro

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Teaser: Tweets Correlated to Backlinks, Referring C-Blocks has correlation coefficient of 0.78 and RSq=0.61, N=2609. WAY more to come, more interesting data, different sites analyzed, all sorts of segmentation.
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Looks interesting (hope you'll put the label of your functions for non-statisticians )
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Paul Shapiro

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Words of Wisdom: Be excellent to each other.
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Paul Shapiro

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I wish that #Google  implemented a more substantial version of (not provided) for paid search.
What they did doesn't quite level the data playing field between organic and paid. It kind of does nothing.

#seo   #ppc   #adwords  
Yesterday Google announced it is expanding secure search to clicks on paid ads. The change means that the search query a user typed in before clicking on and ad will be dropped from the referrer string in the URL and won’t be passed to analytics or other software other than AdWords. The move is aimed […]
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Paul Shapiro

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"Add-to-circle"-linked article snippets

Is this new or have I been snoozing?

"This" being an icon that appears next to the domain display in the snippet of a link shared in Google plus.  Hovering over the icon pops up the associated Google+ Page of the domain, affording you the opportunity of adding the page directly from the popup.

This doesn't happen for every snippet.  From my (very brief) testing the Page seems to needs to fulfill these three conditions in order for the "add-to-circles" widget to appear:

1.  Have a vanity Google+ URL
2.  The site's domain must be a "linked website" on the Google+ page (small check mark next to the domain name on the Google+ Page)
3.  The site's Google+ Page name must be verified (large check mark next to the domain name on the Google+ Page)

No. 3 is interesting because it remains elusive.  Site linking (no. 2) is straightforward and well-documented (, but the Google form that previously allowed to apply for a verified name Google+ has disappeared.

Both the YouTube page on verified names ( and the page on Google+ Direct Connect ( suggest that name verification is algorithmic, and that properly linking your domain to your Google+ is a necessary - but not sufficient - condition for name verification.
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