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This is a picture of Luke Scott. Son to my cuz Michael and named after our much loved Grandad who died rather tragically many years ago.

Whilst we may all still deeply miss Luke's namesake, that is in the distant past. It's time to look on with Luke and share his wonder.

#ImLuckyToHaveMetYouBecause you have magic in your eyes Luke and it sparkles with possibilities.

For +mel peifer
And +Renee Stewart Jackson curator of #sepiasaturday
And +Jarek Klimek for #plusphotoextract
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Thanks guys and have a great weekend :)
Love the reflection you've captured on his eye +Paul Scott the unconditional love for another. You're amazing!
They really are - and always a joy to take pictures of :)
Beautiful pic....Cute looking...
beautiful...the closest I felt to my children was when they were feeding and looked into my eyes with this very same expression :-)
Yes - so so precious at that age :)
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