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Barnsley UK - Leeds UK - Sydney Australia - Durham UK
Photographer...Philosopher...Sub Urban Jedi.
I was introduced to my first SLR in late 2008, by early 2009 I had quit my job and begun my journey into a new world of possibilities.

The first field of photography that I entered into was Wedding Photography, and with the help of my mentor I soon gained the confidence to set up a business based around that.  Shortly after I was lucky to land a commission for the UK's leading hair franchise and have worked with them, off and on, ever since.

So as I write this I'm still very much at a stage where I'm growing and learning on a daily basis.  I've always been rather eclectic (sounds so much better than random) and my portfolio reflects that.  I do weddings, portraiture, animals, events and commercial work.

Whilst I love all of the above I find myself getting the most excited about fine art and conceptual portraiture, and along with landscape photography these are the areas that I am currently developing.

All images © Paul Scott Photography

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Unwittingly responsible for the UK's biggest bomb scare (at the time) by disposing of a mock up of quarry explosives whilst working at a graphic design studio after school age 13
  • Durham University
    Philosophy, 1992 - 1995
  • Wetherby High
    1987 - 1991
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Paul Scott

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Bridesmaid Revisited :)
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Paul Scott

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A bit more from Nostell Priory.  Lovely place to visit if you're ever in Yorkshire.  Really nice that they are happy for you to take pictures :D  Full set here
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14. August 2014 "Happy Birthday" ...and all your wishes will come true!  
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Massive break from G+. Considering getting back on the horse.  Just exploring how social media impacts blogs.  If you see this and are interested follow the link to see more eye popping #hdrphotography then follow the link
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Paul Scott

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Recent wedding snap.  Lovely wedding...but a 14 hour day without an assistant took it's toll on my legs.  I literally couldn't walk properly for two days!  What's that about??  Getting old, clearly :/
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Thanks guys!!
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Paul Scott

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Lazy edit of my wonderful Caroline tryng to do justice to the view with her smart phone.  To be fair some of the panoramas it does are superb :/
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Cheers +Gabi Gwak & +westaflex .  Much appreciated :D
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Paul Scott

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Paul Scott

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About time I did some more of these I think :) ...and there's more as always on the blog, which I might add has had a facelift!
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Nostell Priory Yorkshire, nice place to try a bit of hand held #hdrphotography .  See full set over here...
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Paul Scott

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how do you pan & zoom ???
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Paul Scott

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So just to prove that I haven't vanished off the face of this earth, I've started blogging again.  It's so easy to not get round to it when you're busy, but the consequences are that people tend to think you've quit the business and joined the foreign legion of something.  Anyway, here's one of my new blog entries if you're interested in seeing the different type of shots that come out of one of my weddings
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Paul Scott

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Exploring the Peaks :D
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Paul Scott

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Another from Torside Resevoir.  Messing around with HDR and trying to figure out some ways of getting a more natural image.  Think this probably needs a little bit more TLC....but I have so many to edit that it'll probably stay as is.  I'm interested in developing my blending techniques so if anyone knows any cool links...feel free to drop em in :D
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+Daniel Nahabedian I don't have an issue with HDR - some I like, some I don't.  Sometimes you cant really tell.  Details in the shadows (and the highlights) is the point really - The eye has a far superior dynamic range than a camera so for my money it has a better chance of mimicking what we see.  Just depends on how its done.  I find that HDR can also give a really nice 3D quality to an image - and yes they can be brighter if you wish - they can be darker - you can fill shadows or enhance.  These are just sliders.  The choice is ours.  
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