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Thank you, +Matt Steiner!!!

Google+ has just reinstated all my flagged images as a result of his effort, and those that support the arts!

This is such a tremendously monumental positive step for Google+

For the record, +Matt Steiner, who leads the G+ photo team, came into my hangout just now, and informed me he reinstated my images, and Google is working on the most efficient way to make sure these kind of things don't happen again.

A+ for Google response and courtesy. Can't say thank you enough. it is so great to hear that Google is working on this :)
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That's wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear it. Thank goodness they recognize that art is not porn.
That's wonderful news for you and the whole G+ arts community. :)
As an artist.... I would like to say congrats +Paul Roustan and big heartfelt thank you to +Matt Steiner !

Google Plus proves again why it's going to be the number one social media site.
Awesome! I am glad they are not going to censor it... I like your work
Glad that this worked out for you Paul.
also glad you got it worked out Paul
+Paul Roustan I think it speaks volumes about why Google Plus is different. The level of engagement from Google is unprecedented for any company in this space or to my knowledge anywhere. People like +Chee Chew, +Vic Gundotra +Matt Steiner and +Natalie Villalobos to name just a few make this experience truly extraordinary. Thanks guys for making another day brighter.
wonderful, I can hardly wait for pseudonyms so I can go back to using the name I publish by I am loving all the artist interaction I have had since joining plus
Congrats Paul! This is great news... and a big thank you to +Matt Steiner and co on behalf of all your fans!
+Paul Roustan, that's good news indeed. The last thing we need is the work of a very cool artist (aka you) being censored. Keep up the good work.
Excellent news that G+ recognizes Art in all it's forms
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