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Nexus 4 kernel 003 Beta 5:  (HUGE UPDATE)

Added Intelli_plug.  Intelli_plug is a generic ARM SOC cpu hotplug driver.  This is a COMPLETE replacement for Qualcomm's proprietary m(ake)p(oor)decision.  Intelli_plug has built-in Eco Mode support (Eco Mode is a optimized dual core solution for quad-core SOC like the Qualcomm S4-pro.  This should allow for Maximum battery life without sacrificing performance).  Because intelli_plug is a generic hotplug cpu driver, it will work with ALL CPU governors from conservative, ondemand, interactive and intellidemand and Eco Mode is available for ALL cpu governors as well!!!!

Updated Bluetooth Drivers
Updated to latest Google Interactive Governor
Updated USB EHCI drivers (should DRASTICALLY reduce msm_hsic_wakelock)
Added Lower Voltage table for those with "faster" bin CPUs
Added CAF tweaks to reduce battery consumption and increase performance!
Tweaked OnDemand CPU governor to play with Intelli_plug
Tweaked Intellidemand CPU governor to play with intelli_plug

Enjoy and have FUN!
FauxClock: Total Device Control, Maximize Performance, Minimize Battery Usa...
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Nice! Thanks for the great updates. I am loving the gamma controls. LG Presets are so good. 248 248 248, 10 7 5, 4 4 1. Unrelated to this release, but had to mention it. About to try this new beta :-). 
Hey Paul,
Just installed :-)
Is it normal that there is still mpdecission on cpu tab of fauxclock? Should there be something from intelliplug?
intelli_plug is automatically enabled when mpdecision is disabled.
Ok. Thanks a lot!
I found a bug. Fauxclock sometimes shows me core2 on 1.5GHz even if a max of 1.3 is active. And CpuSpy tells me 1.5 was never used. 
Any chance of porting these nice features to the N7? 
Eco mode will make its way to N7's CPU quiet framework at some point. NO ETA on it.
That wakelock improvement is what I knew would eventually come and make everything irie. The magician at work ladies and gentlemen. 
Try them all.. I would give the latest interactive a shot as well.  Of course intellidemand is nice, but give the other governors a try as well.  Intelli_plug allows for all sorts of new combinations, so open your horizon and try them all :D
Does it contain the msm_hsic_wakelock  fix from Qualcomm that's included in Francos r22 that was just released? Thank you for the great kernel!
hi, anyone with a nexus 4 please tell me about the ram usage? how much free ram left with normal use?
Free RAM is not that important for Android/Linux.  Android/Linux will auto kill the suspended tasks when more memory is needed.
thanks, faux, i knew that, just curious ;) as my gnex always has about 100mb left with your latest beta, btw using row scheduler with 128kb read-ahead and the phone is running great.
wow, asuming that the system takes about 300mb and with ur usage the free ram is about 1gb, that's huge :D
Will gamma control ever make its way to the nexus7?
I'm curious about the new Bluetooth drivers. What is the effect of this?
David S
Snake Charmer doesn't seem to work correctly :-/
David S
+Paul Reioux It's really strange, while sitting in your App (recent version & newest beta kernel) using Intellidemand (mpdecision off, eco mode & snake charmer on) the second core sometimes turns itself on and jumps up to 1,5 Ghz even though 1,35 is set as the limit
+David Schwarz It's a display issue with the app :(  This is how you can check that it's working properly.  Set Max freq to any value you want, make sure snake charmer is active.  Then use the app "stabilityTest" free from Play store and run it in the background.  while stress test is running, go to /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq should be EXACTLY the same as the Max limit set with SnakeCharmer active.

The kernel changes the frequencies very fast and frequently, but the Java app is slow and lags behind the kernel always.  It's a display issue on the app.  I will look further into this on the app display.
Adam S
Updated from 003b03 to 05 all default settings and had lock screen touch unresponsiveness randomly. Had to reboot to clear the problem. Would happen after every reboot at random points and only after the screen timed out. Also noticed more of a buzzing sound from the ear piece when making a phone call. Didn't have that before. Went back to 003b03 and neither problem is there. Was in a hurry to leave the house so couldn't get any log file but can go back and reproduce if necessary. On CM10.1 nightly 1223.

Edit: bought your app to help support all the awesome work you do.
Got the same prob, too. (Random Touchscreen untesponsiveness). Sometimes at the PIN-Screen, sometimes after wakeup from sleep with the slide2wake on but it doesnt work, too)
Adam S
+Sven Daw Ahh yeah I read that before but didn't reflash CM. I'll update to the latest nightly and flash the latest kernel again and see. Thanks for reminding me.
I'm looking for max battery life and pretty new to customized kernels.  I want to start out small with my tweaks, if I turn on eco-mode should I also turn off mpdecision, or do both stay on?  Thanks! +Paul Reioux 
+Sven Daw no app is necessary of course.  Everything can be tuned via scripts or terminal emulator.

I highly recommend disabling of mpdecision since it clashes with my intelli_plug driver.  I also recommend using either intellidemand or interactive governor. Other than those 2, Everything else default should give you good battery and performance.  If you want to further reduce battery consumption, then you can enable eco mode as well

stop mpdecsion ==> to disable mpdecision
echo "intellidemand" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor ==> switch to intellidemand governor
echo 1 > /sys/module/intelli_plug/parameters/eco_mode_active ==> to enable Eco mode.

Now of course with FauxClock, everything is easier via UI :D
Just rooted my Nexus 4 today and picked up your app.  Great work, hope I get to see the battery life improvements from intellidemand and eco mode. :)  (and hope your improvements get lifted upstream or at least to Cyanogenmod)
What's draining your phone?  On a completely stock ROM before rooting I was winding up with 60% battery at the end of a normal day for me.  The biggest culprits if it went lower were heavy apps (e.g. Earth, games) 1st, the screen 2nd, and poor reception 3rd.

With root you can take full advantage of BetterBatteryStats to find out what's draining your phone.  If you simply have too much syncing, or your phone's awake too much due to apps running in the background, well... stop abusing your phone? :)

It's my own personal belief that battery life can/will/could be better as updates roll out (and with efforts such as +Paul Reioux) but if it's terrible now I'd take a look at your usage first.

If you refuse to move off a Nexus 4, maybe consider a portable battery pack.  There's some decent ones for $20 or $30 on Amazon that get great ratings and pack 3200mAh. (though the better ones that are $40-$50 provide 1A charging instead of 0.6A)

Unrelated, +Paul Reioux, I find as I use my phone that occasionally it will stutter and then SuperSU pops up with a toast message saying FauxClock has been granted SU.  Any ideas?
My understanding is that in general you can:

Best performance/worst battery: ondemand
Balance with tilt to performance: ondemand + eco mode
Balance: intellidemand
Battery saving: intellidemand + eco mode

CPU governor is only a small part of the story though, please check using BetterBatteryStats what's /actually/ chewing up your battery.  My idle battery usage was 1 to 1.5% per hour on stock before I rooted.
Hey guys, I got a problem very sirous :(. My N4 got bricked, when I plug the n4 to usb or ac, the led turns red. Nothing else happends :( 

Any ideas ?
Thats the problem, I did anything... I was getting ready for new year eve so, like at 7:pm I plug n4 to ac charger, i take a shower and when i pick up my n4 the charging was sooo sloww...
well, when i unplug the n4, it got discharged soo fast, and was overheating i dont know why, so, when I was with 10% of battery, i plugged and then I wipe everything and installed again the Xylon, thats the rom that i was using. But the problem still there... finally it got discharged and now, dont response :(. The only thing that the phone do is turn on the led with red color, when I plug it into PC or AC... then, nothing else... 
Here's a pic:

Sorry for my bad english, if some1 can help me, please!!

Was performing this:
ROM: Xylon
Kernel: FauxClock last beta relase.
 - Undervolt per: 137mv
 - Frecuency downgraded to 1.0ghz (384 mgz min-1.0ghz max)
 -GPU downgraded to 200.
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