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Huge thanks to +Dennis Rassmann for his original innovation for sweep2wake ever since the HTC Sensation 4G (aka Pyramid) days.

I've cherry-picked his latest commits for Nexus 5 and just added my little patch on top of his awesome work.

I've added the vertical sweep and exposed some of the parameters for users to adjust while preserving his original interface intact.

All the major credits to +Dennis Rassmann again!  Have fun and enjoy.
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Double TAP feature ...PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!
I don't have the sweep to wake option in faux clock. I have the latest beta everything.
Dude EDIT the POST! You do know that's possible right?
Rechy T
+Jeromy Layne take your chances lol. Try the free version. It's works on my N4 with faux kernel. 
Does this affect the battery life of the phone?
Just flashed latest beta kernel to check battery life and sweep2wake feature.

Phone is rooted and bootloader unlocked. TWRP recovery. SuperSU installed. Faux clock installed. When I opened Faux Clock it displayed a message 'busybox not found'. I'm a newbie at this. Any thoughts? 
+Alex Coroiu just download "busybox" by stericson from play store and install busybox. problem solved
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