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Paul Reioux

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Epic battery life from another mid range phone.
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Sure you do +HaSeeB MiR​ lol
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Paul Reioux

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I don't know about high end phones, recently some so called midrange phones have the following battery performance, watch out flagship devices, your days are numbered if you don't put battery life as highest priority.
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Hmm....  Samsung Galaxy S4 ?
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Paul Reioux

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Are these good scores for Galaxy S6 edge? 
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I tend to get an average of about 68500 on my standard s6 64gb. The bins on these cpus make quite a difference as my first s6 only scored an average of 60000 and that was a cpu bin of 2. My current is an 11 and the difference seems to show
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Paul Reioux

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Lollipop 5.0 + TouchWiz = all your memories are belong to leaks :(
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but you can use Paul's app with other kernels not only with this one
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Paul Reioux

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Ugh, WTF, memory leak still exist with 5.1 :(
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+PACMAN PHOTOg Yea I know. Rebooted. It Said the same thing basically. Its odd to see that, i've never seen that before. System memory was virtually non existent
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Paul Reioux

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I met her in person, she's an amazing person. Let's help her and wish her a speedy recovery!
My friend, coworker and all around wonderful person has been in a serious car accident and she really needs some help. +Leigh Momii has impacted the Android Community in more ways than most could fathom. If you have met her through either a +Cyanogen or +HTC event, she has more than likely left a positive impact. 

July 6th she was in a terrible accident and will need some help 

Take a moment to share or donate, and even if you cannot donate, sharing would help a lot. She is going to need our help with her medical bills, I am asking for a share and/or a plus to get awareness for a friend, a coworker, a fiance and a daughter. She deserves our help as much as possible. Help us get her back to Seattle. 

All help is appreciated.
To Leigh's family, friends, and coworkers: We have created this fundraising page to ask for your help to get Leigh home to Seattle from Billings, Montana. Leigh was in a very bad accident on July 6th while visiting family in Wyoming. Leigh suffered a broken back, a fractured neck, a broken rib,...
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Poor thing
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Paul Reioux

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Dear Google Mail Team,

  I've said very nice things about your spam filter in the past, but I'm afraid I am going to have to take it all back. I'm currently going through the spam for the last week, and have gone through about a third of it.

Something you did recently has been an unmitigated disaster. Of the roughly 1000 spam threads I've gone through so far, right now 228 threads were incorrectly marked as spam.

That's not the 0.1% false positive rate you tried to make such a big deal about last week. No. That's over 20% of my spambox being real emails with patches and pull requests.  Almost a quarter!

I don't know how to even describe the level of brokenness in those kinds of spam numbers. There were a few pages of email (I've got it set up so it shows me 50 threads per page) where more than half of the "spam" wasn't.

Quite frankly, that sucks. It's not acceptable. Whatever you started doing a few days ago is completely and utterly broken.

It's actually at the point where I'm noticing missing messages in the email conversations I see, because gmail has been marking emails in the middle of the conversation as spam. Things that people replied to and that contained patches and problem descriptions.

They didn't try to sell me a bigger penis or tell me about how somebody is cheating on me. Really.

You dun goofed. Badly. Get your shit together, because a 20% error rate for spam detection is making your spam filter useless.

[ Edit: looks like it started four days ago. As of July 13, it looks like a big swath of lkml has been marked as spam for me. ]

[ Edit 2: final numbers: out of around 3000 spam threads, I had to mark 1190 threads as "not spam". So the numbers actually got worse: about 30% of my spam-box wasn't actually spam. It started around 1pm on Monday, July 13th. The problem really is that clear, that I can tell pretty much when it started ]

[ Edit 3: it wasn't just patches, and it's not just lkml. There were things like Junio's recent git v2.5.0-rc2 announcement etc. The new gmail spam filter hates any mailing list emails, apparently. In the time I wrote the last note, I got seven more emails marked as spam, two of which weren't. ]
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Paul Reioux

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Awesome drink up reception at first ever #CMDeveloperSummit nice to drink with +Steve Kondik​​ +Ethan Chen​​ +Roman Birg​​ +Dan Pasanen​​ +Matt Filetto​​ +Ray Walters​​ +steve smith​​ +David Hacker​​ +Leigh Momii​​ and many others I don't have full names for. Awesome experience!
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+Rob Norris Galaxy S6 Edge, most awesome camera for a mobile phone
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Paul Reioux

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Hey I installed your app and having some trouble tubing it to keep the processor heat down. I have the Sprint Galaxy S4 sph-l720t. I tried the stats on your post here recommended and XDA forums the App version I have and settings in there do not match. I emailed you and have yet to receive a response and the so is truly not helping. Can you give me some adjustment ideas I do not have voltage control.
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Paul Reioux

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Dear Paul,

We recently held our drawing for Google I/O 2015. Unfortunately your application was not selected. We encourage you check out the I/O Live or a local I/O Extended event in your area.
The Google I/O Team

What does it take to get to Google I/O event..  4 years in a row :(
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Andra , the 045 is for kk , try it with kk then come back with feedback :)
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Paul Reioux

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Today we’re introducing a new age-based rating system for apps and games on Google Play. Consistent with industry best practices, this change will give developers an easy way to communicate familiar and locally relevant content ratings to their users and help improve app discovery and engagement by letting people choose content that is right for them. Learn more about how to fill out the questionnaire here.

#GooglePlay #AndroidDev   
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Paul Reioux

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Nexus 6 Lollipop 5.1 kernel 007 is out

* updated to latest 5.1 source drop

All previous power HAL integration with intelliplug 4.0 are all there including integrated low power mode!

Source here:

files here:

check out faux clock here for total controls!

Enjoy and good night!
*** Root and Busybox are TWO PREREQUISITES needed for this app *** *** NOTE...
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Nexus 5 too? :D :D
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Worst service ever. Waited over an hour for food to be served.
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