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Install the Google I/O 2016 Android app!

Following the release of the #io16 schedule some weeks ago on, this year's merry band of 20% Googlers is happy to bring the 2016 Google I/O app to your nearest Android phone or tablet. "IOSched" for those "in the know". The app might take up to 24 hours to become available for all Google Play users, so check back in soon if you’re not seeing it yet:

We've upgraded both the web and Android apps this year to use Firebase underneath. This will keep your custom I/O schedule in sync across all your devices and allow you to easily switch back and forward without missing a thing. If you want to see your I/O events alongside your other professional and personal events, make sure to enable the Google Calendar integration in the Android app settings.

To help keep track of your busy schedule once I/O kicks-off, and whether you're joining us at Shoreline, from an I/O Extended event, or from the comfort of your home or office, you can choose to get Android app reminders before your favorite sessions start. Just as in past years, the Youtube integration allows for in-app viewing of the live stream on your device, and Google Cast helps you play it on larger screens for viewing parties.

Two last bits for those attending in Mountain View:
-- The app has an opt-in conference messaging feature which enables you to receive logistical messages from us throughout the conference.
-- The venue is a little bigger this year so you might need to check the map more regularly than in years past. When doing so you’ll be able to easily see what sessions are coming up in the stages around you. Don’t worry though - you’ll spot the keynote and concert space (happening in the actual Shoreline Amphitheatre) from miles away!

As always, we’ll be open sourcing the Android app after I/O. Stay tuned for more details.

Make sure to customize your schedule and to install the latest version of the app before you arrive. We hope you like it!
Google I/O '16
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This is a rather insightful summary on the state of Android Auto and Car Play as well as a down to earth assessment on what we need next. What's not addressed is that the car integrations are very similar to all of the IoT talk going around. Everything he's saying about the car needing to work without the phone is true of all the coming IoT devices. This will be a very interesting next 3 years.

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This is excessive, but for a fraction of a second I tried to figure out a way to justify it. I mean, it brings your beer TO you for goodness sake.

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Last week at +Big Android BBQ +Ryan Seys and myself lead an in-person codelab that walked you through an example of how to write automated performance tests for an Android App. The approach lets you evaluate and iterate changes to your app before committing them to your code repo. That codelab lives on here and we're continuing to iterate so we'd love to hear your feedback via the link on the last step of the codelab or directly.

Thanks and Happy Friday (or Saturday for some)!!

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+Cirque du Soleil​ your artistic flair would transform this from cool to magical.


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Initial IOSched 2015 source code published!

Look for followup updates in the coming months as well.

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If you have multiple macs in the house the server package allows large updates to be served locally instead of each machine downloading them from Apple. It had a couple other nice features as well to make running a home server effortless.

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Pretty good preso on how code at Google is managed. It was quite surprising for me when I joined but it's pretty amazing being able to reference other people's code when you need to understand the internals.
This talk gives great insights into the codebase that we use at Google and it's massive scale.
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