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I am amazed on how many US TV shows are on the air over in the UK, but how few of their shows we have here on the AIR. BBC America does not count!! That is a token channel. I am an addict of The Misfits on E4 over there, and thankfully for Hulu, we can see them here in the USA. I am still missing all the cool internet content restricted to the UK IP addresses.
E4 will be airing season 4 of Misfits this fall, and hopefully Hulu has the deal to distribute the new season(s). Please Hulu don't let us down, Lord knows no network here in the US would have the balls to pick up this AMAZING show.
NO I do not want a US version of Misfits, just a way to enjoy my favorite TV show that is made in the UK, right here in the US.

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Weren't they actually making a U.S. version of Misfits? I could have sworn they were. But yeah, I agree. I had to do some serious searching to find a source to watch the bridge clip between s2 and s3 about Nathan in Vegas. Country restrictions are a pain.
I know, they find it easy to license our stuff, but not the internet based video they have that are like 6 min clips.
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