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Paul Bailey (PizzaPanther)
Father, developer, pizza maker
Father, developer, pizza maker

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Been switching between cycling and running and the new background is a great visual queue. Thanks for update!

Speculation: Since Google has been holding back Chrome 53 on the the Pixel, we'll see a special announcement on the October 4th. Maybe Google Play store official release?

Feature Request: When you start an activity can you label what the activity is on the watch? A lot of times I switch between cycling and running and forget to change the activity type. If it was labeled next to or on the big start button, then it would be easy to know what is happening without having to look for it and remembering to do so.

Love the app!

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What are the alternatives?

Chrome 50 totally hoses developer mode!

When I updated to Chrome 50, I can no longer use developer mode. Whenever the computer goes to sleep and I re-awake it, the UI is not redrawn correctly. I get big patches of black and the screen doesn't update. I verified this happens on my Lenovo Chromebox and Pixel. The Pixel I even powerwashed and the same thing happens as soon as a go into developer mode. Any suggestions?

This is a big problem because I use my Chromebook daily to develop Chrome extensions and I require Node.js to compile them. So developer mode has been great until now.

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We're going to have a meeting on Jan. 19th. A presentation will be given: Introduction to Material Design for Web Development. Introduction to Material Design for Web Development. Description: This talk will introduce you to Material Design with web development and showcase several different tools you can use to integrate it into your web project. We'll also showcase some of the new techniques Material Design brings to web development.

sign up on the meet up page

Here's the events link:

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Lets you have a Bash shell in Chrome OS. So I'm not doing NaCL development but it is still extremely useful.

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Have some OnePlus 2 invites, if anyone wants one.
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