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When in doubt.. work with something a little familiar! My favourite local beach.. Bennion :)

Bennion Beach, Western Australia.

Larger resolution version can be seen here:

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love that rock right there :) i need to find a beach with that sort of feature lol
+Tony Porter best bet is around Currumbin Rock.. or some of the beaches in and around the headland at Caloundra.. not much close to Brisbane I'm afraid!
hmmm i have to head down to Currumbin in a few days for work :) might have to make it an early morning trip lol
Definitely worth it mate.. also there is a great spot you can sit on the rock and shoot straight into the barrel of a wave on the right day :)
Terrific shot! :) I can see a man swimming over there, hehe.
Spectacular! Familiarity with a subject can create boredom, but not here. You knew where to go, when the tide would be best, when the angle of sunrise would be best, and you put it all together with beautiful clouds! An image as nuanced and complex as this is never an accident. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, +Paul Pichugin !
Wow, look at that! If you took a couple of shots of Thatcher's Rock down here in Torbay and finished them like that with digital photography, I'm sure you'd sell a few...
+Karen Jemmett thanks.. there was no post-processing or editing done to this shot.. that's straight out of the camera :)
nice but try the beaches in freemantel.out side of perth,more sand and toplees
+mike rolko have a look through my posts.. you'll see plenty of photos from Fremantle.. and who cares if they are "toplees".. not really the photos I'm after.
when people say reality is a b** its true at times but reality can be its on beauty of art or dreams that become reality
thats amazing on soo many levels
indeed it has rich beauty that makes you wonder through a dream
Cool that is a great pic.Where are this pic are taking at?
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