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My Glass is infinitely rebooting after updating from XE16 to XE16.1! :(
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Call Glass Support at 800-GLASSXE and they will take care of you!
One of mine is doing the same. :-/ not impressed.
Yeah I did as well. They said oh just see what happens. .__.
At this point, my WiFi is deactivated. I don't want to fall in a bootloop or brick
My Glass updated this morning and it's working fine at the moment. Let's hope it stays that way.
USA Explorers can receive full support.
But for me and others European Explorer is difficult...we cannot risk to brick our Glass :(
Happened to me as well this morning. +Google Glass support has no solution at this point. I really hope I don't have to send another pair back...
+Jeffrey Powers this is the reason I don't want to update until +Google Glass explain a solution for bootloop after XE16. It's really difficult for European Explorer to send back Glass
+Simone Scanu be careful - some are saying the update is pushing via BT as well when on the charger.
Ok, so there's no chance to prevent the update? Glass without BT tethering or WiFi is unusable. It's just a simply pair of glasses...
So I must resign....
Same thing for me :( I've reached out to support via email. Any way to factory reset without booting??
Well either I'm driving to New York, I'll mail them back for exchange or there will be an desktop app that will :( Sucks.
Still boot-looping, even with other folks suggestions! :(
Hi everyone, we know a lot of you have already reached out to our support team about this issue and we're working as fast as we can on finding a solution. 

If you seem to be experiencing similar issues with your Glass be sure to get in contact with us here: g.co/glass/contact
My Glass began experiencing symptoms soon after my last post. When I couldn't turn the screen on I decided to reboot it.

As it was booting up I held the camera button down, everything seemed to be working once it started up. I then removed all my Glassware and performed a Factory Reset. It's been nearly two hours and I haven't had another issue with it.
My glass is now working fine. BT was not staying connected after XE16.1, but after a BT reset it works great. Battery appears to be worse. I will charge and discharge X 2 as before to see if that helps. All sideloaded apps work as of now.
Forgive me if I appear pompus/arrogant/whatever: +Google Glass must disable the XE16.1 update immediately! If they do not then they are probably violating Google rollout procedures. When I worked at Google (2005-2009), if we ever rolled out a product that proved to crash any clients then the update was immediately disabled until the problem was resolved.
Some forums are saying they have, but no one from Google has confirmed yet that they have.
I read that someone got the update around 3pm this afternoon, and without thinking about timezone or other general confusion, ASSuMEd the update was still rolling out.
I just can't believe we are dealing with a second severely botched update in less than a week.  My confidence is very low.  I feel bad for all the brand new explorers!
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I started in on the "infinite" boot issue this afternoon..... disappointed as this is the first "meltdown" of any kind GLASS has had since I got them.. But.... do I panic? NO. I log on and start to wander through G+. Lo and behold, I find I'm not in this alone. I'm not the only one dealing with this. Too late to mess with it now, but will call up our friends at support tomorrow.... YAY panic solved because I know the problem will be solved. I WILL  sleep tonight.

I continue to learn from, am challenged by and evolve with GLASS . . . '
I have read that some people actually did what Glass Support told them to do, and left their Glass turned on all night. They (the people, not the Glasses) are now waking up and finding that the reflective foil on their prism has shriveled and become delaminated due to the heat. The advice to leave the devices powered on overnight, as if there is any chance at all that they will magically recover, is completely moronic. Now Google is going to have to replace all of these damaged Glasses.
Hi everyone, we know this is a frustrating situation, but our team has made this issue a priority and we hope to find a fix as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and we're here if you have any questions. 
+Google Glass I have removed all apps, did a Glass reset AND factory reset. Even played with button combinations during reboot. Tried connecting to the laptop and get into drive mode.

Bottom line is the device doesn't get a chance to connect to anything before the device reboots. 

When I called in yesterday, I asked if there was a way to do a full reset of Glass (which seems to be the only way around). Hugo responded "Not unless you take Glass apart". 

Since a lot of us use Glass for production purposes, I think getting RMAs out ASAP is the best solution. Especially now people are noticing the eternal boot is heating up Glass so much it starts to bubble up the blocking film at the end of the optic...
Leaving it on all night was a ridiculous suggestion that I can't believe anyone did. 
Awesome! I got an email from +Google Glass stating since I cannot get past the reboot, they will be sending another pair ASAP - No RMA method (so I will get a pair, then send my broken one back). 
I should be getting my replacement soon as well ... YAY
hate the wait
love the service '-}
 *I continue to learn from, am challenged by and evolve with GLASS ... '-}*
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