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IT Architect, Scout Leader, Puffing Billy Way n Works
Photography,IT Architecture, Train Driver, Leadership, Training
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Emerald, Victoria, Australia
Taylors Lakes, Victoria, Australia - Melton, Victoria, Australia - St Albans, Victoria, Australia - San Francisco, California - Oakland, California - Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia - Vermont, Victoria, Australia - Berkeley, California
Photographer, IT Nerd, Leader, Gunzel
Paul Pavlinovich is an avid photographer of more than 30 years experience. A qualified trainer and leader puts him in a good position to help people learn the art of photography. Paul seeks opportunities to contribute to his community, whether that be local, with youth, or photographic colleagues. Paul leads the Melbourne Photowalkers community utilising the social networking platform Google+. Paul runs photographic workshops and blogs to improve the community body of knowledge as well as his own. Paul is a leader of youth within Scouting at local and branch levels. Paul also volunteers on the Puffing Billy Railway.

Oh and I hate unecessary rules and people that push them. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” -- Pablo Picasso
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Paul Pavlinovich

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come on Local Guides Melbourne can win this
This September, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to earn your right to party. Now announcing our Local Guides Community Challenge → #PartyOnLG  
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Yeeeeeeah! I'm all over this.
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Bravo +ABC Australia​
Miss, Ms, Mrs, Mr? M or F? Ticking boxes on any form can be tricky when you identify as neither male nor female. It's a constant source of frustration for Melbourne teenager Sam Lilit. 18-year-old Sam Lilit. "If you're not a doctor, you don't need to know what part's between my legs," Sam said.
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+heisdeadjim Whether you were referring to it or not, it is the same system that affects those who identify as genderqueer. Fortunately, those in the latter group do not tend to get mutilated at birth, unless they are allocated the 'male' category and then 'circumcised' to fit into other cultural norms.
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Never work with animals or children. But how about animals on children?

ping +Leigh Wheeler 
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i love to work and teach them , total they are so   in touch with  internet, 
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Every now and then Windows 10 pops up with something it wants to disable because its slowing down startup or slowing down windows. Yep I'm all for killing bloatware but your own? Lol.

Hendrik Ebber's profile photogene presley's profile photoGod Emperor Lionel Lauer's profile photoPaul Pavlinovich's profile photo
+gene presley yes, it works fine - just make sure you've got driver support (win7 and 8 drivers do work mostly)
+God Emperor Lionel Lauer I've got a VM for Duke
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Hey +Lordy this is as close as I've gotten to getting ours.
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+Mohammad Shamsi thanks muchly
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Paul Pavlinovich

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The game is on... early +Sunday What Is It  #sundaywhatisit  guesses on the original post please. 
Well folks, its Saturday night... I doubt I'll get a chance to do the game tomorrow - so we're starting early. Place your guesses below. To make it… - Sunday What Is It - Google+

Paul Pavlinovich

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I'll be at the Jamboree Troop Leader meeting tomorrow... so here's my #rustysunday  +RustySunday 
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Rusty beauty with #curlytwists !
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Cool social photography article about conquering fear and going forward. Inspiring read. 
Fran Davis spent her whole life so afraid of the dark that she wouldn't walk to her own clothesline at night. That is, until she discovered the southern lights. She's now on the vanguard of a growing community of aurora hunters.
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Creative Parking Class

I'm not quite sure exactly how you achieve this particular stance with your BMW. A quick check shows the Vic Roads register as written off "no"... I'm betting that is somewhat out of date.
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Lol, I don't think the driver knows either.
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Paul Pavlinovich

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I like trains, even broken ones

Oh and I see a #tedscousin  for +Ted Ewen they're everywhere.
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Do you 'see dead trains'? : )
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Paul Pavlinovich

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Now he's a happy little Koala with a great big...
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Awwwwww, he ate Baby Jesus
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Paul Pavlinovich

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This is one of the best Scout parks I use. Really well run. Most friendly rangers of them all.
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Awesome place with rainforest, views, gardens, great food all around you. All so close to Melbourne.
Public - in the last week
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Wow. You pay for it but the food is outstanding. Wait staff friendly attentive and courteous. Couldn't ask for better.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Friendly. Won't take cash. Charged $14 for $9 medicine. Open late.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
256 reviews
Fair sized suburban mall with lots of shops to choose from without the super busy of the big ones. Usually ready to park.
Public - in the last week
reviewed in the last week
Nice coffee good donut.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Dropped my rating. Today my potato cakes had giant black spots in the spud. The kebab had rotten lettuce. Yuck yuck yuck.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago